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Most of the silver coinage, like the half dime (worth 5 cents and struck in silver, the nickel wouldn't be minted until much later), the dime, the quarter, and the half-dollar used the seated Liberty design along with the silver dollar. The penny was a lot larger than the penny we use today, closer to the size of a half dollar, and used the braided hair design. There was also a three-cent piece which was really small, made out of silver and had a star on one side and a C and III on the other. There was also a small gold dollar, smaller than a dime but made out of 90% pure gold. There were other gold coins too, the quarter eagle, worth $2.50, half eagle worth $5, eagle worth $10, along with the double eagle worth $20, each of them struck with 90% pure gold (alloyed with 10% copper to make the coins scratch and wear resistant).

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6 Different US coins are dated 1801 so on your browser type in "1801 US coins" click images & search. You should be able to see what they look like.

There were no $1 US coins minted for circulation from 1804 to 1835 inclusive

In circulated condition $15.00 to $150.00 depends on grade

Retail values for 1852 Liberty Head gold dollar coins run from $126.00-$270.00 for circulated examples. Uncirculated start at $288.00

The more recent US dollar coins are not actually comprised of gold (like the Sacajawea coin). They only look golden. Coins during the gold rush from 1849-1889 were made of 90% gold and are the most commonly known US coins to be made out of gold.

Different denominations of U.S. coins dated 1891 exist. The easy way to see one is type 1891 US coins into the search box on your browser and click on images.

There were presidential and congressional election in every state in the US in 1852.

The US issued a couple of types of gold $1 coins during the 19th century. There are pictures linked below.If you're referring to current US $1 coins they're brass, not gold. The US Mint's website has lots of photos.

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Nov. 2, 1852 was election day in the US and Pierce was elected as president of the US on that day.

They generally simply get spent as US coins. If the coins are pure nickel or plated steel (like most modern Canadian coins are) they will get trapped on magnets when ran through a coin sorter and then either exchanged for the equivalent value in US dollars by the bank/sorting company or given to employees/customers who are going to Canada. But the coins that aren't magnetic are simply spent like US coins as they have the same diameter and roughly the same purchasing power.

The 1852 Indian Head one dollar gold coins weigh 1.627 grams and contain .04837oz of pure gold, thickness is 1.02mm, diameter is 13mm and the edge has 81 reeds. It is also the smallest US coin made.

ALL coins are "minted" coins because they're made at a mint.They are never pure silver or gold. US silver coins used to be 90% silver with some 10% copper added to make them harder so they wouldn't wear out as quickly.Now coins like quarters or dimes are clad. That means they are like a sandwich. They have a layer of copper and nickel on the top and bottom, and copper in the middle. If you look at the side of a quarter, you can see the copper.

No, Cayman coins do not work in the US.

The best thing to do is click on images on you browser and type in US Coins, this will bring up pictures of US coins

If one existed it would likely be of the Peace dollar design but the US did NOT make any one dollar coins dated 1966.

The best thing to do is click on images on you browser and type in US Coins, this will bring up pictures of US coins.

No, retailers are allowed to accept whatever in payment for goods, be that US coins, Chinese Coins, gold and silver coins, or toothbrushes. A retailer can refuse to honor some or all US coins. However, since US coins are legal tender, a company cannot sue you for not paying a bill previously agreed upon in US dollars for paying in US coins. But at the point of purchase, a retailer can demand payment in whatever and can refuse US coins.

There is no nickel in US gold coins.

The first coins made by the US Mint was in 1793.

All US coins use metal

The US has four mints that make the coins.

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