What do US mint pennies look like?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The new four new pennies are of a series commemorating the rise of President Abraham Lincoln in honor of his 200th Birthday. The first one is of a log cabin birth site in Hardin County, Kentucky. The second penny shows Lincoln in Spencer County, Indiana reading while resting from splitting rails. The third penny shows Lincoln in front of the Capitol Building in Springfield, Illinois. The fourth penny shows a half-finished United States Capitol dome.

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Assuming you're not from the US, there have been a number of different designs.

  • 1793-1857: Large cents - Miss Liberty on the front, various wreath designs on the back.
  • 1856-1858: A flying eagle on the front / a wreath on the back
  • 1859-1909: Miss Liberty wearing a Native American headdress / a wreath on the back, a/k/a Indian Head cents.
  • 1909-1958: President Abraham Lincoln / two stylized wheat stalks, hence the name "wheat cents"
  • 1959-2008: The Lincoln Memorial on the back
  • 2009: Four special back designs honoring Lincoln's bicentenary.
  • 2010-present: The Union Shield on the back

Also, the coins are formally called "cents"; "penny" is a slang term. Second, all circulating US Coins are made by the US Mint so "mint penny" is redundant.

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Q: What do US mint pennies look like?
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Where are pennies mented?

Pennies are minted at three locations in the US; The San Francisco Mint, The Denver Mint and the Philadelphia Mint. Pennies from San Francisco have an "S" on them. Pennies from Denver have a "D" on them and pennies from Philadelphia have no letter.

How many pennies does the US Mint make each year?

In 2011, the U.S. Mint produced 4,938,540,000 pennies.

What is the us mint?

Company that makes pennies

When was us pennies made?

1938 IN a MINT

How many pennies were made in 2012?

According to the US mint, 6015.2 million pennies were made in 2012.

What is the value of a Indian head penny with buffalo on back with no date or mint mark?

The US mint never made pennies like this. Plus without a date it is impossible to determine the value.

What brand of wraps does the us mint use for pennies?

The US Mint does not wrap coins. All coin wrapping is done by third party companies.

How many US pennies were minted in 1929?

Philadelphia Mint = 185,262,000 / Denver Mint = 41,730,000 / San Francisco Mint = 50,148,000 // TOTAL = 277,140,000

In 2009 how many circulating coins were produced at us mint?

The US Mint produced 3.548 billion circulating coins in 2009. 2.354 Billion of those were pennies.

Why do some pennies have letters under the year?

The letters under the date on some pennies indicates which US Mint branch made the coin. The letter "D" indicates the Denver, Colorado Mint, the letter "S" indicates the San Francisco, California mint and no letter at all indicates the coin was struck at the US Mint in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

How many US pennies were minted in 1992?

9 BILLION (Excluding "Proof" coins) 4.6 are from the Philadelphia Mint. 4.4 are from the Denver Mint.

Roughly how many pennies did the us mint produce in 2006?

The Philadelphia Mint struck 4,290,000,000, Denver 3,944,000,000 and 3,054,436 Proof coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint.