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What do animals use their appendix for?

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In some animals, like humans, the jury is still out as to what function an appendix serves. Humans can live without any complications if they appendix is removed. In animals such as rabbits, the appendix serves as a storage are for lymphatic tissue.

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Is there any use of an appendix?

In the animals with this organ, the appendix appears to store good bacteria to help the animal with its digestive process.

Do hamsters have an appendix?

Yes they do. The appendix plays an important digestive role for vegetarian animals, as well as ominvores that consume a lot of plant matter. Unlike our appendix which is vestigial and is not used, the hamster does use its appendix.

What are appendix use for?

The appendix have no current use however it is believed it once did. It is still unknown exactly why we have an appendix.

Which is the organ found in humans only and not in animals?

An appendix

Can animals get appendictits?

Any animal with an appendix can get appendicitis. Not all animals have appendices however.

Do herbivores use the appendix to digest food?

The appendix is an unused organ in the body.

Why do animals need an appendix?

I'm not sure if there is a different purpose in animals other than humans, but recent research may indicate that the appendix is a safehouse for the "good" bacteria that inhabit the intestines.

What is the function of the appendix in the human body?

there is no point to the appendix in the human body. It is an organ that hellps animals to digest grass. Eg: a cow...

Is there a difference between human and animal appendixes?

Yes. Most animals don't have an appendix. Apes and monkeys have an appendix like a human's (a long tube), and rabbits and a few species of other rodents have a more sack-like appendix. None of the other animals has one.

What is an appendix in english?

an Appendix is the Small organ attached your large inteStine. it has no main use.

What is An organ that has no use to the human body?

The organ which is of no use in our body is the appendix.The appendix is a vestigial organ that has lost its original function.

How do you use a sentence using appendix?

I hope that my appendix does not burst otherwise bacteria will spill into my body.

What is function of the appendix in humans?

currently they have no use, it is thought that in the cave days the appendix helped with digestion of grass.

Do dogs use their appendix's?

Dogs don't have an appendix to use.

Appendix differences in human and cat?

There is a major difference between an appendix in a human and a cat. Namely, cats do not have an appendix, while people do. The appendix has no use within the body, but can sometimes become infected and will need to be removed.

Why do humans not need an appendix but other animals do?

Because animals eat raw food, and the appendix takes care of the bacteria that resides in the raw food. but people dont eat raw food, so we no longer need it.

What is the main function of the appendix in the digestive system?

The purpose of the appendix is unknown. It may have had a use before evolution set in.

Do cows have an appendix?

No. Humans AND APES are the only animals that have an appendix, which is a non-functional part of the large intestine. Cows have a cecum that is just as functional as a horse's or rabbit's instead.

How does the grass eating animals digest cellulose?

They have appendix as a working organ, its vestigial in humans.

Which part of the digestive system has no use in humans?


Is the appendix used to break down raw meat?

No it is not. The appendix is used to house anaerobic bacteria that assist in the breakdown of cellulose from plant material. In humans, the appendix is considered to be a vestigial organ which serves no useful purpose due to its small size, but the appendix is vital to many other animals with a primarily vegetarian diet.

What can you infer about the diet of an animal that has a large appendix?

An animal that has a large appendix often has a diet that varies greatly. This animal would be an omnivore and eat both plants and other animals.

Do people need appendix to have babies?

No, the human body can still work properly without the appendix. My mother has no appendix. It was removed 2 years before i was born.I hope this answer has been of much use to you.

What does the appendix do in your body?

Appendix is a vestigial organ i.e. (one that is present in reduced form and is functionless) and it doesnot has any function. in other animals like goat it works to digest grass.

What organ does a rat not have that humans have?

An appendix! Rats have tails instead- the human appendix is thought by evolutionists to be the remnant of a tail, that is left over from when we evolved from marine animals millions of years ago.

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