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These little pests- which can come in a multitude of colors- suck the sap of plants. This both weakens the plant and can deform it. Buds sometimes cannot open. The sticky honeydew they leave behind attracts sooty mold which covers the leaves, looks unsightly and would affect the plant's ability to photosynthesize. Also they can spread viruses as they pierce the plant and allow the disease access.

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What plants have aphids in them?

Aphids live on roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do aphids eat berries?

No. Aphids suck the sap of plants.

What are the tiny white things that get on plants?

they are aphids and where you have aphids you have ants because aphids by product is a sugary substance you can controll aphids with a varity of inscecticides

Do aphids eat any other plants other than roses?

Yes, aphids "eat" other plants, or rather, they drink the sap of plants. Pretty much everything on aphids is available online.

Does elephants take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis?

No. Photosynthesis occurs in plants (and possibly aphids). Elephants are neither plants no aphids

Where do aphids live?

on plants or trees

In what deserts do aphids live?

Aphids live wherever there are suitable plants and warm weather.

What Plants do ladybugs prefer?

They are not fussy about the plants. They prey on aphids.

What is a lady bugs roll?

to eat aphids (aphids eat plants garderners use ladybirds to get rid of aphids all the time)

Why do aphids eat aquoponics plants and not garden plants?

Some aphids prefer garden plants, actually, and others prefer aquaponic plants. Almost every plant has some aphid species that occasionally feed from it. Aphids generally consume the sap from plant stems.

What types of plants do aphids live on?

Aphids normally live on plants that have soft stems or leaves (as they have piercing mouthpieces), and which are actively growing, as they have a high concentration of nitrogen in them - which the aphids require for their growth cycles.

If you had a ladybug what should you feed it?

plants and aphids.

What parasites live on plants?

aphids, nematodes

Do ladybirds damage plants?

No, infact they help plants by eating aphids that damage plants.

Which desert does the aphid live in?

Aphids can be found in all but the coldest and barren of deserts. Where there are plants, there are usually aphids.

How do you get rid of aphids on tomato plants?

get ladybugs or spray the plants with a mild soap

In which desert would you find aphids?

Aphids can be found in any warm or hot desert which has plants upon which they feed.

Do ladybug beetles eat plants?

no. they eat aphids

What are little yellow bugs on your plants?

probably aphids

How can you kill the aphids on your hibiscus plants?

get some ladybugs.

What kinds of plants do aphids live on?

they live on roses

Do grasshopper eat aphids?

No, they will only eat plants.

What plants keep away aphids?

This link has what you are looking for.

Can rabbits eat aphids?

Of course they can. Most animals, regardless of what they are, have the capacity to eat just about anything that they can put in to their mouth. ANSWER: They would not intentionally look to eat aphids, since aphids are tiny pests that suck the juices out of plants and flower buds, but they could accidentally eat them when they eat plants that aphids may be on.

What are plants that ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs do not eat plants. They feed on insects such as aphids and mites.