What do baby goldfish eat in a tank?


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no,goldfish eats goldfish food.

Yes, they may eat the young. You will want to get a separate holding tank to hatch/raise the young.

Unless the baby goldfish is fry size which means it cannot eat regular sized food as of yet (flakes or pellets) then yes, you can put small goldfish with large goldfish.While they may not necessarily eat the baby, there could be a concern with fin nipping, but as long as the smaller fish have a place to hide and feel safe, there shouldn't be an issue.

No actually. When I got my baby goldfish, he was fine in a large glass tank with a filter, a bunch of colorful rocks, and a bunch of decorations. Just don't put he/she in a tank with goldfish that are older, bigger, or goldfish that ur new baby goldfish just doesn't know because, believe it or not, goldfish can be aggressive. They can also be very territorial. I hoped I helped alot. Ur Welcome. :)

Well in ponds baby goldfish fry will survive by eating small microorganisms living in the pond. To compensate for a lack of these in a newly set-up breeding tank, goldfish hobbyist will instead feed the fry brine shrimp and home cultured Euphoria. They will do this until the goldfish fry are big enough to eat regular goldfish food.

yes the the female can have a baby in a small tank

err not a good idear yabbies will eat a goldfish

No the Crawdad will probably hurt your goldfish.

no they eat fish food#

A snail could not eat a goldfish; chances are that the goldfish is stuck somewhere on the tank under decorations (if you have any) and may be dead, or it jumped from an opening on the tank which doesn't happen often, but is always possible.

Goldfish are omnivors which means they will eat almost anything they can get into their mouths. Baby fish are a good source of protein. Most fish love to eat protein in the form of baby fish including Goldfish.

yes the goldfish can eat each other if you put the bigger goldfish with baby goldfish. i own goldfish i had experienced with when i had putted about 1inch goldfish with Adult 12Inch goldfish , and the adult ate it -.-

Perhaps it is sick. Perhaps it is because it is a wild animal and NOT a pet.

You should keep them in there because if you have a male with the eggs, he will ferterlize them and sonn you will have baby goldfish.

You would need to put goldfish eggs in a separate tank, and yes, you may have to take the goldfish eggs out of the main tank where all the goldfish are, because the adult goldfish will eat the eggs. However, you can just cover the goldfish eggs in a plastic see-through box while being inside of the main tank if you don't want to take it out, just in case you may harm it, and the fish won't be able to eat it.

no you can't goldfish eat their own babies and poop so if you put them in you should probably put ALOT of hiding places so they don't become dinner

I think that the shark would eat the goldfish probably. I suggest don't try it.

No they shouldnt. Gold fish are usaly fine with anything in there tanks. Believe it or not but most of the time its recomend to have a snail in your tank to eat the slime

Does your snail have algae on it? Goldfish will eat anything that "grows" in the tank. They will eat turtle droppings, water scumm, algae, anything! That is why they are called bottom feeders.

Yes, infact, they can. I had a goldfish who ate the other one. So, as I said before, yes goldfish an eat each other.

I really would not put the tadpoles in with the goldfish...the goldfish will most likely eat them all. It depends on the goldfish size, but eventually they will try to eat the tadpoles whether they suceed or not. :/

Absolutely not! Goldfish need a tank all to themselves, because they eat different foods and need different conditions.

Goldfish are not livebearers so they are never truly pregnant. If you think your goldfish is pregnant than she is just getting ready to spawn by becoming full of eggs. Unless there is a male goldfish present the eggs will be unfertilized and will not hatch into baby goldfish fry. Your female goldfish will soon lay her eggs, and if no further action is taken, she will then eat them. As for the small tank, I would really recommend moving her into a bigger one.

No, the tropical fish will probably eat it

Either goldfish may eat the eggs. The best thing to do is to put the eggs in another tank and wait for them to hatch before reintroducing them.

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