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Q: What do baby mice look like?
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What do baby rabbits look like?

like mice

What does baby mice poop look like?

It looks like black rice.

What does a baby mouse look like?

A mouse have more of a pinkish color. Baby mice has a kind of "pointy" nose.

What is the offspring of an opossum?

A baby opossum is called a joey. They look a little bit like mice.

Why do chinchillas look like mice?

Chinchillas look slightly like mice because they are both a type of rodent.

What do mice look like?

they look like a miniture version of the rat.

What do baby mice look like at 2 weeks old?

They can see they can walk they have Little paw little nose they have same far On them

How come your baby mice have black patches on them?

Baby mice can be black or pink because it depends on there breed like black means they will be black.

What do golden mice look like?

gold like this!!!

How can you tell a baby mouse from a baby rat?

Baby rats are much bigger than mice. Baby rats look generally more like babies compared to an adult mouse. Rats have blunt noses, short tails, and big heads. They are a bit more "bean" shaped, while baby mice a kind of "pointy" at the nose. Baby rats are about the size of a big jelly bean at birth and without fur look like tiny pigs with big tails.Mice are more of a pinkish color, while rats are more gray.

Do rats like mice?

I don't know. However I have heard that rats will kill mice and perhaps eat them. Hence, in that sense, I suppose that rats do like mice - if it is true that they will eat baby mice.

Can baby Bearded Dragons eat pinky mice?

NO, only a FULL GROWN dragon can eat pinky mice. That is IF they will even do it then. Look at the pinky and look at the size of the baby dragon's mouth... do you really think it would fit?

Would like to see a video of baby mice?


What do you call baby mice?

I named my mice after what they do i have cheeky and adventure because they were exited about there new home but other people name them normally like bob or weasel

Does a dad care for baby mice?

Male mice will not care for the baby mice but they will eat the babies.

When to hold baby mice?

well the best time to hold baby mice is when they are fully fured not when their skin is exposed and they look pink then the mother will smell you on the baby mouse and kill it and sometimes they will even eat its remains.

What do voles look like?

Voles look like mice, except they have a shorter tail.

What can baby mice eat?

Baby mice need their mother's milk.

What do baby chameleons look like?

they look like baby chameleons lol

Are there any spiders that look like mice?

No. Spiders have eight legs; mice have only four.

What do cats babies look like?

From my experience: Mice

What do forest mice look like?

sorry, its "beautiful"

Do baby turtles look like their parents?

Baby turtles do look like their parents.

What does a baby chimp look like?

baby chimps look like connor hudson

What do baby raccoons look like?

Baby raccoons look like miniature adults.