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What do baseball players chew?


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2010-10-10 00:35:33
2010-10-10 00:35:33

Most people i know say that baseball players chew tobacco or something like that, but as a baseball player myself i think its not true because if they do they would come out positive in the drug tests. When i play i ither chew gum or eat flower seeds, but i keep away from tobacco.

The MLB does not test for's legal and non-performance enhancing.


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so they keep their mouths from going dry

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85% of MLB Players chew.

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In the old days, baseball players primarily chewed tobacco and it became a bit of a tradition to chew and spit on field. Chewing tobacco has gone out of style, however many ball players chew gum and spitting is still an acceptable tradition.

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they actually used to chew tobacco but now rely on gum instead in order to keep their mouths from going dry.

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