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Black Labbys have nothing against Own brand or Permium brand dog food. Experiment with different flavours to find their favourite.

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Can black labs eat cuccumbers?

well to be honest all labs are the same it doesent matter if there chocolate or black or golden labs and yes ofcourse they can eat cuccombers!

Can black labs eat almonds?

No almonds are toxic to dogs.

Are black labs cute?

Black Labs are extremly cute! They are the best dogs ever! Labs are the United States most popular breed of dog. One of Labs best friends are cats. That is how awesome they are! Black Labs are the best though.

What adaptations do labrador retrievers have?

black labs, yellow labs, and choc. labs

Why are black labs called black labs?

Because they are black Labradors. Also lab is short for Labrador

Do yellow labs get excited to eat?

its not just yellow labs. its all labs

What dogs get along best with black labs?

Black labs and shar pie dogs

Are all black labs black?


Do purebred Labrador Retrievers have black noses?

Not all pure bred labs have black noses it depend on the colour of the dog black labs usually have black noses and yellow labs can have brown or black noses or even pink.Chcolate labs can have a black or brown nose.It depends on the gene it doesn't mean they are less of a pure bred if their nose is not black.

Do labs have black tongues?

No,labs have normal,pink canine tongues.

Are brown labs born brown?

Yes, Chocolate labs are born brown as are yellow and black labs.

What do labs like to eat?

It's easy labs will eat everything that's food. Labs are the only type of dog that will eat and eat and never stop. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything. From towels to sticks to basketballs. My dog eats anything.

Are black labs hypoallergenic?


What is a good dog kennel name and I have silver and charcoal labs?

I have heard of black labs, and chocolate labs, and even golden labs, but never SILVER or CHARCOAL labs.

What part of Europe do black labs come from?

Black labs do not come from Europe. They originate from Canada on the island of Newfoundland.

What is the 1 breed dog in the US?

Labrador Retrievers (Yellow Labs, Black Labs, Brown/Chocolate Labs)

What is the height of black-labs?

22.5-24.5" in males and 21.5-23.5" in females like other labs.

What kind of puppies will two black labs have?


Do rottweilers grow bigger than black labs?

Rottweilers can be much bigger than labs. Black labs are 59-88 pounds and Rottweilers are 90-132 pounds.

Is it possible for two yellow labs to have black puppies?

Yes, it is possible for two yellow labs to produce black puppies.

Were do labs live?

well, I don't really know but,black labs live in Newfoundland.I have a black lab called Harley.

Are black labs and chocolates labs different breeds?

No, they are the same, they just have different coloring.

Are chocolate labs as intelligent as black and yellow labs?

yes. all are extremely intelligent.

When do black labs stop growing?

Black labs reach maturity in about two years. (Most growing is done after a year, though.)

What special tricks can Black Labs be trained to do?

Black Labs can be trained to do a number of special tricks. Black labs are obedient dogs that can be well trained to perform special tricks such as gently playing basketball with a group of small children.