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What do buddists wear?

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Buddists wear nothing but robes as a sign of restect to their gods.

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What religion wear togas?

Buddists. Like Budda, Buddists often forsake worldly wealth and wear simple garb.

What clothes do Buddists wear?

They are always stark naked.

Do buddists go to church?

No Buddists do not go to a church.

How many buddists are there in Sweden?

There are 18 000 buddists in Sweden.

How do buddists believe the earth was created?

They Read the Buddists Bibble And See What People Think . They Read the Buddists Bibble And See What People Think .

How buddists worship?

with aids.

Where do buddists sleep?

In bed

When is the holy day for Buddists?


What is the major figure of the buddists?

The Buddha.

Do buddists have Christmas?

no they are t christians.....

What is the buddists festivals?

yes it is called divanya

Do buddists use a pray mat?


What are followers of the buddish religion called?


Where do Buddists worship?

Buddhist people worship in the temples.

Do buddists believe in recarniation?

yes but they call it rebirth

What are the three major buddists sects groups?


Do Buddists believe in dharma?

Yes. Buddha Dharma.

How many buddists live in South Korea?


What are the two groups buddists split into?

Mahayana and Theravada

Why do buddists have statues of Buddha?

because they worship the statues

What is the name of the god that buddists worship?

they don't have one

How do buddists celebrate Easter?

They don't celebrate Easter.

Are Buddhist today as devoted as then?

All religious minded people are devoted to their own religion. The Buddists are no exception and there is no question about raising suspicion about the sincerity of present day Buddists.

What do Buddists believe in?

They believe in the Eight Fold Path and Nirvana.

Where do most buddists live nowadays?

China and southeast Asia