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They graze on grass, shrubs and other plants. They swallow their food without chewing it and later regurgitate and chew a cud. Cape Buffalo drink a lot of water and also spend a lot of time wading in water to cool themselves off in hot weather. information found on

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Q: What do cape buffalo eat?
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What does the cape buffalo eat?


Who eat the cape buffalo?

Lions and crocodiles are the only predators that can kill and eat cape buffalos.

Do hyenas eat cape buffalo?


What can a cape buffalo do that nothing else can?

eat a ton

What does a buffalo eat?

Buffalo, being the great African Cape Buffalo and the Asian Water Buffalo (NOT the American Bison, which is not a true buffalo), eat primarily grass that grows on the savannah or in the wetlands that they wade in.

What does a cape buffalo eat?

They are HERBIVORES so, they most eat grass

Is a nile crocodile stronger than a cape buffalo?

It is a kind of a draw between a nile crocodile and a bull cape buffalo if the cape buffalo does not gore the crocodile.

Who is stronger a bison or a cape buffalo?

bison are stronger but cape buffalo are more aggresive and dangerous.

If cattle egrets removed ticks from cape buffalo would their relationship still be considered commensalism?

The relationship between cattle egrets and cape buffalo would not be commensalism if the egrets removed ticks from the buffalo, because both species would benefit. The buffalo would be tick free and the egrets would have food to eat.

Who would win a water buffalo or cape buffalo?

Water Buffalo

Are the Buffalo Endangered?

Which "buffalo" are you referring to? The American Bison, Water Buffalo or Cape Buffalo??

Who would win nile crocodile or cape buffalo?

Nile crocodile, the cape buffalo would stand no chance.

Do Cape buffalo kill humans?

Yes Cape Buffalo do kill humans but only if the human wounds it or aggravates it and it is also on the big five Which is the Cape Buffalo the Leopard the Rhino Lion and Elephant so there you go.

Most feared capes?

Cape Horn Cape Buffalo

Is there a bus to cape Vincent correctional facility from buffalo?

Is there any buses from buffalo that goes to cape vincent correctional facility

What are some good examples of commensalism?

Killdeer Birds and Cape Buffalo the Killdeer Bird lies down on the buffalo and the buffalo protects the Bird. But the bird DOES NOT harm the buffalo.) Birds benefit, but Cape Buffalo is not affected.

Are cape buffalo and water buffalo the same?

No, they are two separate species: Cape Buffalo are from Africa and possess the scientific name Syncerus caffer and Water Buffalo are from Asia, with the scientific name Bubalus bubalis. Cape Buffalo are also larger and more muscular than water buffalo, and look quite different from Water Buffalo. For instance: A cape buffalo's horns come together at the poll and curve out and up on either side of their heads. A water buffalo's horns grow more to the back of the animal. The Cape Buffalo can also bellow like domestic cattle, along with a series of other vocalizations. Water buffalo only make grunting sounds.Please see the related links below for more information.

Are there Buffalo's in Australia?

Yes, like Cape Buffalo in Africa.

Do buffalos moo?

The Cape buffalo does moo. The Water buffalo does not.

How does a buffalo get it food?

it get it from the cape

Where do cape buffalo live?

Although the Cape Buffalo is named after the Cpe of South Africa, they are spread all throughout Southern and Centeral Africa.

Do Buffalo live in the rainforest?

Asian Water buffalo do, yes, but not the cape buffalo, nor the American "buffalo" being the bison.

Types of buffalo?

There are three species of buffalo, the water buffalo, cape buffalo, and American buffalo. Water buffalo are the largest, weighing between 1,500 and 2,650-pounds. The cape buffalo can be found all over sub-Saharan Africa. The American buffalo, also called bison, live on prairies, plains or in river valleys.

What do south African lions eat?

They prey on a number of herbivores, but mainly zebra, warthog, cape buffalo, and various antelope species.

What are examples of commensalism in temperate grasslands?

A good example would be when the killdeer bird rests on top of a cape buffalo. The cape buffalo protects the killdeer but the killdeer doesnt really do anything for the buffalo.