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It depends what type of cells. Usually it's water and energy but others need sunlight for instance.

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What cells need to respire?

All cells.

Why do root hair cells need oxygen?

to respire

What do plant cells need to respire?

Cytoplasm and mitochondria

How often do cells do respiration?

cells in mammals respire all the time to keep them warm blooded and keep breathing etc, all animals respire all the time, but some cells are unable to respire due to the fact they lack mitochondria plant cells do respire, but they do not need to at all times, because they do not need energy to move or stay warm.

How do your cells get raw materials that they need to respire?

eat food

What is the name of the food molecule you need for your cells to respire?


Do cells respire?

Yes (living cells), because they need energy, which is provided by the process of respiration.

Why do you need to respire?

we need air to respire

Explain why glucose is important to a plant cell?

Plant cells need glucose to respire.

How do your cells get the raw materials that they need to respire?

Through the food you eat and the air you breath!

Why don't animal cells have chloroplasts?

Animal cells don't have chloroplasts because they don't need to photosynthesis as they get the glucose they need to respire from the food they eat.

Do root cells respire?


How does a kiwi respire?


Which cells in the body respire?

All of them.

Do animal cells respire?

Animal cells respire in order to refresh the blood cells with oxygen rich molecules. The oxygen is then transported to the rest of the body for muscle use.

Why do animal cells respire?

Animal cell respire because of the energy generated by cellular respiration

Why all living things need to respire?

They need to respire because they need to grow, produce and repair.

Does a virus respire?

No. It is not alive so it doesn't need to respire.

When do your muscles need to respire faster?

your muscle dont respire, your heart and lungs need to respire more whilst taking part in a physical activity.

How do viruses respire?

No viruses cannot respire - well they cant respire on their own , they would need a host cell to respire , in which anaerobic and aerobic respiration can occur . Same way with the reproduction of viruses - they would need other host cells Viruses are considered dead by some people because they dont tend to have ALL the living functions of a cell . so yes and no - viruses can ONLY respire if it has a suitable host cell :) Hope this helps A.t

In which cells would you expect to find the greater number of mitochondria?

Muscle cells would have the most mitochondria. This is because there is a greater need for muscle cells to respire aerobically to produce energy.

Do plant cells respire?

Yes - plant cells undergo cellular respiration.

What animals use respiration?

All living cells respire... dont they :/ i am sure though that all animals respire...

Do plant cells need to carry out respiration and why?

yes because plants themselves respire carbon dioxide and realse oxygen.

Does animal cells use Cellular respiration?

Yes. All cells need to use respiration to convert energy into a usable form. They are not able to live if they don't respire.

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