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What do cherry blossoms symbolize?


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To the Chinese it is a sign of feminine beauty, female empowerment, and overall love. To the Japanese, it is a sign of the duality of life to death since the blossom is beautiful and full of life, and then withers and dies shortly thereafter.


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Japan mostly, and Beauty I think. If you are doing a paper that says" What do Cherry Blossoms symbolize?" put Japan. If it says "Japanese cherry bossoms" I would go to a diffrent site. Sorry. I hope my awnsers help.

japan is the country that is famous for its cherry blossoms

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yes cherry blossoms can grow on cherry trees and sooo do oranges and apples

no cherry blossoms are not deadly they are used in some medicines

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Cherry blossoms are the flowers of cherry trees. The trees bloom in the spring and produce their fruit later in the season.

They symbolize the circle of life since they bloom for only a short time until they are reincarnated again.

They grow on cherry trees.

The Cherry Blossoms website is an online dating company. Cherry Blossoms is specifically geared towards the Asian population. It is known as being a leader in Asian online dating.

Koi fish are a symbol of good fortune. The direction they are swimming has to do with the wearer's personality. Upstream means that one has an outgoing personality, whereas downstream symbolizes more introverted. Cherry blossoms symbolize life, and how it is ever changing. When done properly, there will be blossoms of varying sizes, and varying stages of life, from tiny buds to full blossoms. There will also be petals floating in the wind, symbolizing death, whereas the buds symbolize new life.

They symbolize the petite beauty and sexuality of women along with their dominance natures. The cherry blossoms symbolize freshness and hence are a language of love said by the herbs and flowers. They symbolise the fragility of human existence and also the perfect death marked by indifference to the world. It is also the ultimate symbol of Bushido, the warrior's code.

The National Cherry Blossoms festival is held in Washington DC and is one of the biggest and most attended festivals each and every year. Cherry Blossoms is very popular.

Cherry blossoms begin to bloom in the autumn/fall and continue blooming throughout the winter.

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honestly, I've been to japan for three years, and the cherry blossoms are beautiful. they are nice to sit under and have lunch, but the one thing is, I've been there and i don't know what cherry blossoms mean.

Dogwood blossoms have 4 petals and shorter stamens. Cherry blossoms have 5 petals and long stamens--they also tend to be smaller.

the breed of tree. the fragrance and shape is slightly different too

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when will the cheryy blossoms be in bloom???

They celebrate it because it's a way of coming together with the family and enjoying the beautiful scenery. More importantly, cherry blossoms in Japan symbolize the journey from life to death.

Yes, all cherries came from cherry blossoms.

Japan has many cherry trees in the nation. In the spring, the cherry blossoms are considered quite beautiful. Tourists come from many nations to see them.

Cherry blossoms are significant in Japan because they symbolize spring and newness. Japan has many cherry blossom trees that bloom as soon as spring comes around, and many celebrate this by going to "hanami," which is basically a picnic under the trees with friends and family. Spring is also the time when children begin a new school year, and many associate cherry blossoms with a new year of school.

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