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If learning science in school was the rote memorization of facts, I could definitely see that placement in a young person's curriculum would be in question. Articulating the scientific method on an appropriate level only clarifies the naturally curious and problem solving nature of each person.

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Why do children learn at school?

Math, Spelling, Science, Geography,

The answer to do children go to school in chembakolli?

Yes, children go to school in Chembakolli. They learn similar things that children in the U.S. learn including math, reading, writing, and science.

What lesson do Vietnam children learn at school?

I am Vietnamese person so I know what do Vietnam children learn at school. We learn Vietnamese(speaking, listening, wirting and reading), history, art, PE, computer, music, maths, geography and science.

What you can learn in science school?

Science, obviously!

How does studying the moon further science?

You can learn what is on the moon and if there is life on the moon.

What is the meaning of a school?

Well, school is meant for children to go to and learn subjects like math and science to get an education. So they can get good jobs.

How can children benefit from studying science?

We live in a complicated and often confusing world; many of the answers that we need in order to make sense of the world in which we live are found in science. Those who do not learn science are doomed to be either confused or deluded.

What is an easy way to learn computer science?

Everyone has a different way of learning. For me, the easiest way to learn computer science is hands on. I am not good with books or studying.

Why children need to learn about science?

Science can be used in everyday live

In Chembakolli what school subjects do they do?

The students in Chembakolli learn similar things that the children in the United States do. They learn math, reading, spelling, history, and science. They also have computers which they learn how to use.

How does grammar relate to communication?

There is no verbal communication without grammar, except for exclamations consisting of single words, such as "Help!" or "Ouch." Grammar determines the form and the placement of words in an utterance, according to the meaning intended. It turns mere words into communication. Without grammar the words school, children, learn and in, for example, may be arranged in many different ways, all meaningless: learn school in children, in children school learn, in learn school children, school children in learn and so on. With grammar these words become meaningful communication: In school children learn, or Children learn in school.

What do Egyptian school children do at school?

I assume you mean modern school children. They do what school children do all over the world and learn to do math, read, write, and learn about the history of their nation.

What is school like in China for children?

They learn what we learn in high school when they are in middle school or grade school.

What does learn mean?

It means how you go to school and learn about science and math

What subjects do children learn in Egypt?

Egyptian children were taught to become scribes if that's what they studied. If you weren't studying to become a scribe you would have went with a person who was working as what you wanted to work as. In modern Egypt, children learn almost the same subjects taught in Western Countries. Students in Egypt study math, Arabic, English, science, geography, history, PE, religion mainly in primary school.

What is moldymencom?

it is a perfect site for children to learn science

What makes zoology different from other branches of science?

it is important because you can learn about the past by studying the reamins of animlas from long ago it is important because you can learn about the past by studying the reamins of animlas from long ago it is important because you can learn about the past by studying the reamins of animlas from long ago

Where do you go to learn about forensic science?

medical school

Why children like to learn science?

because there are experiments and explotions

Will studying science help you become a better-informed person?

Studying anything helps you become better informed! The more you learn, the smarter you'll get.

Why do children have to go to school?

Children have to go to school to get an education and to complement the things they are being taught at home by their parents. Also the parents need a break from their children. Children have to go to school because they need to learn how to write or do maths for when they grow up. Also they can be home schooled but parents have jobs and sometimes don't have time to stay home and look after their kids. Children go to school to learn new things and make new friends. Children learn reading, writing, math, science, history, art, Physical Education, library, and more! School makes children ready for the real world of billing, reading, communication, and more.

What did children learn at school?

They get knowledge &learn the costom culture of country.

Where did the girls have to learn?

All children (girls/boys) learn at school

What do Brazil children learn at school?

same thing as we learn in america.

How do children learn in France?

They go to school.