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Q: What do children wear for the hajj?
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What do women wear at hajj?

Women wear Hijab at Hajj.

What do Muslims wear in makkah?

They wear as they wear anywhere else except if they are om hajj (or pilgrimage) then they wear what is required during hajj. See question below.

What to wear on hajj?

They Wear The Ihram

What do Muslims wear on the Hajj?

When Muslims go on the blessed pillgramige to Hajj they wear plain white clothes to represent to Allah we are all the same.

Can children complete Hajj?

Yes, children can complete Hajj voluntarily and if they can afford it. However, he is obliged to perform Hajj when he becomes adult if he can afford it from the financial, health, and security aspects.

What do Muslims wear whilst in Mecca?

There is no special clothing for Muslims in Mecca (or Makkah).They wear in Mecca the same clothing that is required, per religion, to wear else where except if they are on hajj (or Omra-or minor hajj) then they wear what is required to wear during hajj. refer to the related two questions below for more information on these two cases.

Are children allowed to go Hajj?

Although Hajj is not compulsory on children but they are allowed to go for Hajj. Hajj is compulsory, for once in life, on the adult mindful Muslim (male or female) who can afford doing it fimancially, physically, and securely.

How do Muslims dress for hajj?

When muslims dress for the Hajj, they wear white clothing for 5 days.

What must women do during the hajj?

They do all Hajj rituals as men with no single difference except that they don't wear a special clothing for hajj as men but they wear the per religion licit clothing that they wear in their normal living days (with face and hands uncovered). Refer to related question below.

What are Muslims forbidden to wear during hajj?

While performing Hajj or Umra, men put on two untailored sheets of white cloth. Women hajis may wear any dress but they should not cover their faces. After performing Hajj or Umra, men can also wear everyday/normal dress.

How old do children have to be to go to hajj?

Hajj is not obligatory on children. If some child performs Hajj during childhood, it does not free him from obligation. Only adults are bound to perform Hajj. Children of any age may accompany their parents, rather it looks very impressing and inspiring to see innocent children dressed in Ahraam, sometimes sitting on te shoulders of their fathers going round the holy Ka'abah.

Why do people wear white on the festival of hajj?

Hajj is not a festival. It is the 5th pillar of Islam. It is obligatory on each Muslim once in life. The pilgrims wear two white sheets of untailored cloth during the days of Hajj. This dress symbolizes uquality, simplicity and unity.

Do people have to wear special clothes on the hajj journey?

Yes! They have to wear white clothes.

Why do they wear a irham in makkah?

Only Hajis (pilgrims) put on Ihram while performing Umrah or Hajj. After completing Umrah or Hajj, the pilgrims put off Ihram and wear normal routine clothes.

What does people wear on Hajj?

The special dress for Hajj is called Ahraam. It consists of two white sheets of cloth. They must be untailored.

What is the white cloth that the men wear in Hajj called?


Do you wear Ihram the entire time while in Hajjdo you wear Ihram the entire time while in Hajj?


Can children and babies go to hajj?

Yes. It is possible.

What cloths do people wear to hajj?

You Guys are lazy! Do your homework and answer this question!

Who is excused for hajj?

Children, lunatics, and poor people who cant afford the expenses are excused from Hajj till their handicap is over. As soon as a poor person gets expenses he must perform Hajj. Children when come of age should perform Hajj. Similarly if a lunatic or ill person gets well, he should also perform Hajj. Pregnancy definitely comes to an end. This is no excuse. Hajj should be performed during youth. If a man purposefuly does not perform Hajj even if he can afford the expenses commits sin. Why should one wait for old age and illness? Marriage of daughters or sons is no excuse.

When do Muslims all wear white robes?

During pilgrimage (or Hajj)

How do Muslims dress for the hajj?

They wear simple white clothing for five days.

Why does other Muslims do not wear underwear?

That is not true. There is nothing that may prevent Muslims from doing so. However, Muslims never wear underwear on Hajj as that is one of the rules/ traditions. It is the same in Pakistan and many hot countries where it is more healthy not to wear, and I prefer not to. But no religious reason except for Hajj.

What is the name of the white clothes Muslims wear on hajj?

The name of the white cloths that Muslims wear is called Iran. Which is a piece of white cloths that men wear, and the ladies wear black or white.

Do the Muslims wear anything special?

Muslims wearr ahram during offering hajj