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they look like regular ponies, shorter mane, longer forelock, yet they appear slightly bloated, or fat, because they eat the salty sea grass and drink much more water than other species.

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Where do you find Chincoteague Ponies?

Chincoteague ponies are found in a little island on the side of Virginnia. Chincoteague Ponies are actually found on the small island off the east side of Virginia and Maryland. The island's name is Assateague, so it's ironic that the ponies are called Chincoteague ponies instead of Assateague ponies.

How did the chincoteague pony evolve?

there are two stories: (1) a spanish galleon crashed in a storm off the coast of chincoteague and the ponies that were aboard swam to shore and (2) the early settlers of assateague let their ponies graze there and after years and years there were reports of wild "beach ponies" on the island. When the settlers moved to chincoteague, the wild ponies stayed. And those were the ancestors of today's chincoteague ponies.

What chincoteague ponies eat?

chincoteague ponys eat the tall grasses that grow on the island.

What novel idea did the people of Chincoteague have for controlling the number of wild horses?

In 1925, they held the first annual roundup of the Assateague (Chincoteague) ponies. This is called the Chincoteague pony swim. During this, they swim a herd of the ponies across the Assateague Channel (inbetween Assateague Island and Chincoteague Island). When they reach the shore of Chincoteague, the ponies are put in pens. Then, before they swim them back to Assateague Island, they hold an auction to sell some of the ponies. This helps to decrease the population of the wild ponies. The money that they raise from these auctions helps to fund the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department, whose firemen are the ones who round up and swim the ponies across the channel.

Why are chincoteague ponies sold?

Chincoteague Ponies are sold so that they can keep the herd under control and so that the herds don't get so big that there isan't enough food for them all.

What are the release dates for Inside Information - 2006 Ponies of Chincoteague 3-16?

Inside Information - 2006 Ponies of Chincoteague 3-16 was released on: USA: 2009

How do chincoteague ponies adapt?

The ponies adapt with long coat that keeps themm warm in the winter, in the spring they shed.

Is misty of chincoteague a horse or pony?

a pony. all of the horses on the island(s) are ponies, wild ponies to be exact.

What is the name of the island with wild ponies?

Assateague and Chincoteague Islands. They are in VA and MD.

How tall are chincoteage ponies?

Chincoteague ponies are normally between 13 and 15 hands tall (52-60 inches at the wither).

How many wild horses live in Virginia?

The Virginia herd of the wild Chincoteague Ponies normally has around 150 adult ponies.

How is Chincoteague island different from assateague island?

chincoteague is the populated yet smaller island while assateague is home to the ponies and much much bigger.

What are chincoteague ponies instincts?

One is that they protect their young and their herd better then domestic horses do

What happens to the adult Chincoteague ponies after the penning?

The are examined by a vet, treated for any illnesses or injuries, and after watering, feeding and a rest, swum back across to Chincoteague Island.

What do ponies look like compared to horses?

Most ponies look just like horses, just a little smaller.

How did chincoteague ponies get to the island?

Islanders believe that a Spanish Galleon wrecked by the island and the cargo of ponies swam to the island. But most likely they were brought by European explorers

HorseIsle can horses be found on beaches?

Only Chincoteague Ponies can be found on beach sand. -Epitome of Roan :]

Are Chincoteague Ponies better for Classical or Western Riding on Howrse?

They are better for english becase of their size and agility.

What is the theme of Misty of Chincoteague?

There are wile horse and ponies that are rounded up twice a year and the ponies are taken to asateague to be auctioned off went and saw it this year pretty cool

What do chincoteague ponies eat?

whatever they have available for them or anything they can find soo they can survive... grass weeds leaves brushes

How long do the chincoteague ponies live for?

Most horsese/ponies live to be 30 years old usually younger, but it would depend on the horses health, gender, mother and father, and the care it receives so as you can see they are like any other horse

Whats the legend of the ponies of chincoteague about?

I've heard that a ship from Europe (maybe Spain?) was on its way to Mexico. The ponies were to be given as a gift to a Viceroy or (something like that). The ship was destroyed during a bad storm off of the Virginia coast. The ponies managed to swim to safety and generation after generation, they've managed to survive.

Which isle can chincoteague ponies be captured on HorseIsle?

They can be caught on the beaches of Horse Isle normally, though it's fully random.

How many feet tall does chincoteague ponies get?

Between 13 and 14.2 hands high, which is 4.33 to 4.73 feet at the withers.

Is it true that chincoteague ponies live on chincoteague an assateague island?

They live on Assateague Island, and every year they are rounded up, made to swim across the channel over to Chincoteague island, where some are auctioned in order to maintain the number of horses on the island. the rest are released back onto Assateague to live in the wild for another year.

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