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their a satisfying treat that you can share with your friends

by the way if you want more questions just ask

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What cookie starts with an h?

hasselhoff cookies, halibut cookies, heroine cookies, hash cookies, Halloween cookies, heather's cookies, hot cookies, hair cookies, hemp cookies, hat cookies, home-made cookies, hourglass cookies, holiday cookies, happy cookies, horny cookies, hairy cookies, hairen cookies, hospital cookies, hostel cookies, hostile cookies, homeless cookies, Hollywood cookies

What word describes the noun cookies?

The words used to describe a noun (cookies) are:adjectives; warm cookies, soft cookies, broken cookiespossessive adjectives: my cookies, your cookies, our cookiesdemonstrative pronouns: these cookies, those cookiesnoun determiners: some cookies, many cookies, no cookiesattributive nouns: almond cookies, factory cookies, crumb cookiespossessive nouns: Jack's cookies, Katy's cookies, McDonald's scookies

Cookies that start with the letter S?

Sugar cookies Shortbread cookies Sponge cookies Sandwich cookies Strawberry filled cookies Sprinkled cookies

What six different type of cookies?

There are many different kinds of cookies. Six categories of cookies might include bar cookies, drop cookies, roll and cut cookies, no bake cookies,, shortbread cookies, and filled cookies.

What is the collective noun for a group of cookies?

The collective nouns for cookies are a box of cookies, a bag of cookies, or a batch of cookies.

How do you do the funny stuff on ooVoo?

I have cookies cookies I have cookies in my pants!

What are cookies and classification of cookies?

normal cookies, theres no difference

How do you say cookies in Spanish?

The "cookies" you eat: <galletas> en español The "cookies" stored in your computer: <cookies>

What kind of cookies do you make for Christmas?

peppermint twist, lemon cookies, gem cookies, orange cookies

What are peoples favorite kind of cookies?

Favorite cookies are chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. This people's favorite is molasses cookies and the light, crisp cookies that are European in origin, especially Italian.

What is dropped cookies?

Drop cookies are just cookies drop on the pan.

What are fortune cookies?

They are cookies that have a Chinese fortune in it.

What is the difference between drop cookies and pan cookies?

drop cokkies are just cookies drop on the pan with a spoon pan cookies are cooked in cookies pans

Are sugar-cookies the same as shortbread cookies?

No, sugar cookies and shortbread cookies are not the same. Shortbread cookies have more butter than sugar cookies and do not have eggs or a leavening agent (such as baking powder) in them.

What are chocolate cookies?

Chocolate cookies are either cookies who have dough infused with chocolate, or cookies who are topped / iced / decorated with chocolate.

How do you get cookies on the computer?

cookies already come with the computer. i dont know why they are called cookies but cookies are very important to the computer

What are Cookies on Facebook?

Cookies make sure you can get onto the internet if have not unabled your cookies it will not let you on! (to unable cookies go to settings)

How many cookies are in 6 dozen?

There are 72 cookies in 6 dozen of cookies.

Types of cookies?

chocolate chip No bake - mud ball Shortbread Oatmeal choc chip white choc macadamia nut double chocolate oatmeal raisin peanut peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses in the middle gingersnaps shortbread cookies candy cane cookies sugar cookies no bake cookies cake mix cookies pecan sandies gingerbread men meringue cookies Caramel Cookies Chocolate Cookies Plain Cookies

Websites use cookies?

some do but there not food cookies (Lol) there computer cookies

How do you say 'cookies' in Spanish?

'Cookies' in Spanish are 'las galletas.'

What chemicals do cookies have?

There is no chemicals in cookies.



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