What do degaussing mean?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What do degaussing mean?
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Do plasma TVs need degaussing?


How can a magnetic field can be created?

By degaussing. Degaussing is a process of reducing the magnetism of a material by applying an opposite magnetic field.

Do LCD displays require Degaussing?

No, they use a different technology.

What are the methods of sanitizing and clearing a hard drive?

Degaussing (demagnetizing) Physical Destruction Overwriting

Why is degaussing a hard drive not recommended if you need to reuse the drive?

Hard drives can seldom be used after degaussing because it destroys the drive's timing tracks, servo motors, and usually demagnetizes the permanent magnets of the spindle motor on sealed drives

TV has green red yellow circles on screen would a magnet wand do the job to remove them?

Many TV sets have a "degaussing" button either on the TV itself or on the remote control. Find it and try it. If not, try the magnet wand, which is probably a "degaussing" wand anyway. Good luck.

Why is it impossible to demagnetize steel using iron?

Check the Wikipedia article on "Degaussing". I am not sure, what experimental setup you are thinking about.

Does general services administration maintains listings of evaluates destruction and degaussing products that have been tested and meet performance requirements?


What is de gauzing coil?

A degaussing coil is a device used to remove a residual magnetic field, usually from a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT).

Can computer damage caused by a magnet be reversed?

Actual damage by a magnet to a computer is extremely rare, and thus it is impossible to gauge what type of damage you are referring to. Data erased from a disk by a magnet is likely not recoverable. You should be able to reinstall the operating system to the disk, but depending on the intensity of the magnetic field, the disk may need a passover with a degaussing coil to remove a strong magnetic field. Magnetization to a CRT monitor (generally resulting in distorted colors) can usually be fixed by running the monitor's built-in degaussing coil (selectable in its OSD menu). A particularly strong field may require several degaussing sessions (the coil built in can only be run once every five minutes or so), or require the use of a dedicated degaussing coil. Any television technician should have such a coil.

Why does your TV have color rings?

A television having color rings on the screen could be from a couple issues. There could be an internal fault with the CRT or a failed degaussing coil.

How do you demagnetize a TV?

A "degaussing coil" is used to demagnetize the cathode ray tube (CRT) types of television. LCD and plasma type TVs would NOT need this done. What would happen on CRTs is if they were exposed to some other external magnetic fields, it would cause the electron beam that creates the illumination on the screen to deviate from its intended position, thereby causing color "splotches". The degaussing coil is a round-shaped hoop usually powered by a 120 VAC wall outlet (in the US) creating a fluctuating magnetic field. The technician starts close to the face of the TV and moves the hoop in a circular motion (you'll see the screen make some really rainbow-like colors) and SLOWLY backs it away from the screen. When you no longer see any effect from the degaussing coil, the process is complete. Newer TVs usually had a degaussing coil built into the TV set, which it would energize occasionally to keep the screen degaussed.