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I'm going to be honest here, I don't think Termites know the concept of dessert....

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Spicy Peanuts.

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Q: What do desert termites eat?
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Which animal in desert eat dead wood?

Termites eat dead wood in the desert. Termites are not only found in the desert, they easily adapt to most climates.

What do the termites in the Sahara desert eat?


Do roaches eat termites?

roaches eat termites

What desert are termites found in?

Termites are found in all deserts except for Antarctica.

Do termites eat snakes?

no, termites eat wood, but snakes might eat termites

Do termites eat echidnas?

No. Echidnas eat termites.

Do termites eat plant?

Termites eat wood.

Do termites eat bamboo?

Termites do eat Bamboo

Can termites eat through tin foil?

can termites eat aluminum

What do sand skinks eat?

Big juicy Termites and insects that also live in the desert

Do Meerkats eat termites and do they go in termite mounds to get the termites?

Yes they eat termites but the don't go inside the mounds to get them.

What is the relationship between termites and the cellulose?

Termites eat cellulose. Wood is made of cellulose so termites eat wood.