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Generally they don't say a thing unless you are getting infections from ingrown hairs or something.

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Q: What do doctors say if you shave your pubic hair?
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Do men prefer women to shave pubic hair?

Some would say yes

When do most girls start to shave?

Most girls start to shave between the years of 10 and 14. No 10yo don't even have pubic hair normally. Closer to 14 and up I would say if they shave at all.

Im 12 years old and you already have pubic and armpit hair is this normal?

yes i am the same as u (wel im 13 but yeh) and it is normalIm twelve and i have pubic hair and sperm but not armpit hair. i would say its normal.I'm 10 and have pubic and armpit hair. I shave my legs pubic areas and underarms so a twelve year old having these should be pretty normal.

Emo shave there pubs?

Can't say about the girls but the full pubic shave is pretty commmon for emo boys.

Is it common to shave your pubic hair?

It is fairly common for younger women to shave their pubic hair, but it should be noted that there's nothing to say that a person should do so. It's healthier to maintain pubic hair as it helps to protect the vulva from dirt or damage, as well as reducing skin-to-skin contact during sex to reduce risk of STD's such as HPV - also shaving can cause cuts, damage, and ingrown hairs. Shaving the pubic hair is a new fashion, largely as a result of infantizing women in pornography.

Why do some people think shaving pubic hair makes you a freak?

Some people will antagonize others about shaving there pubic hair because they secretly like the idea of shaving but are to scared to try it!

Do most gay men like pubic hair or no pubic hair?

I would say very little if not none but that's just me

What is another way to say bushes?

female pubic hair.

What is the percentage of girls shaving their pubic hair aged 14-18?

According to the website "Fashion and grooming trends have extended below the waist. 23 percent say they shave part of their pubic hair off. Nine percent say they shave all of their pubic hair off.Women in the 18 to 44 age group are more likely to remove hair in their pubic region than women over 45, perhaps because this age group is more likely to think that men prefer a well-manicured pubic region on a woman (38 percent of women aged 18-44 think most men prefer a manicured look, compared to 14 percent of women aged 45-54 and 3 percent of those aged 55 and older).An ObyGyn friend ib=n Denver tells me that over half the women from 15 - 20 shave most or all of their pubic hair. She recommends it for hygiene reasons.

What should you say when your boyfriend says you have a forest of pubic hair?

Just say; So do you!

What is short hair?

To say that someone "has you by the short hair", means that they have grabbed a bunch of pubic hair or possibly your testes.

Do redheads have red pubic hair?

A lot of times, a natural redhead will have red pubic hair, probably a shade or two lighter or darker than the hair on their head. But many people with red hair may have blonde or light brown as well. Those who have dark red or auburn hair sometimes have brown or reddish brown pubic hair. It's kind of like how some blondes have dark pubic hair. Most people say that pubic hair is generally the same color as a person's eyebrows.

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