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What do flowers eat?

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Flowers don't "eat" -- they absorb nutrients from the soil through their roots. These nutrients are primarily minerals such as nitrogen, potassium, phosopherus and others. Plants also make their own energy in the form of sugars. Utilizing light energy, carbon dioxide and water, via the process of photosynthesis, produce oxygen and sugar. The sugar is stored in the roots/bulb until needed by the plant for growth, flowering or seed/fruit production.

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What flowers do reindeer eat?

reindeer dont eat flowers they eat carrots

Do rabbits eat flowers?

Yes, rabbits eat flowers.

Do Buffalo eat flowers?

They do eat some types of flowers.

Can a squirrel eat flowers?

yes A SQURRREL can eat flowers

What kind of flowers do bogong moths eat?

They eat Grevillea flowers.

Do panda eat flowers?

yes panda eat flowers and bamboo

What flowers do slugs eat?

Well they don't mostly eat flowers it is mostly vegatables and fruit so they don't eat any flowers

How do you eat flowers?

put them in salad and eat your face off then you will die cause flowers are flowers not salad toppings

Can you eat pak choi flowers?

Yes, you can eat pak choi flowers.

Do bears eat flowers?

Bears donâ??t normally eat flowers, but they can eat flowers like lilies. They usually eat berries, bees, deer, elk, and grasses.

What do birdwing butterflies eat?


What flowers do lady bugs eat?

They don't eat flowers, they eat aphids and green fly which tend to eat roses. That is why gardeners welcome them into the garden as they remove parasitic insects from their flowers.

What kind of flowers do ground squirrel eat?

Usually they eat flowers with bulbs such as tulips

Do koalas eat flowers?

Koalas sometimes eat the flowers of the gum trees in which they feed.

Do butterflies eat flowers?

No. Adult butterflies do not eat flowers. Instead, they drink the nectar of flowers, and sometimes the sap of other plants.

What animals wont eat flowers or plants?

Carnivores will not eat flowers or plants. Carnivores are organisms that only eat meat. For example, a hawk is a carnivore. Hawks eat mice. In conclusion, a hawk does not eat plants or flowers.

What kinds of flowers do rabbits eat?

Dandelion flowers

What kind of flowers do snails eat?

all flowers

Why are the flowers green?

because flowers eat grass.

Can ladybugs eat hyacinth flowers?

Lady bugs eat other insects especially aphids. They don't eat flowers.

Can hermit crabs eat water flowers?

yes hermit crabs can eat water flowers.

Are there any flowers dear wont eat?

There are many different kinds of flowers that deer won't eat including hibiscus flowers. This is because these flowers are not found in a deer's habitat.

Do ladybirds eat flowers?

no they eat aphids

Do grasshoppers eat flowers?

no they eat leaves

Do ladybirds eat daffodil flowers?

Ladybirds do not eat dandelions, they do not eat flowers. Ladybirds eat a teeny weeny bug called aphids that lives on the flowers. This bug is very bad for our garden, so that's why we have Ladybirds to eat them up.

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