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What do flowers symbolize?

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Natural Beauty on Earth
depends on the flower and colour.

e.g rose

white roses = freindship

pink roses = love at first sight

red = love

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What do hibiscus flowers symbolize?

They symbolize beauty.

What flowers symbolize remembring?


What flowers symbolize love?

Red roses.

What does rue's flowers symbolize in The Hunger Games?

Rue's flowerss symbolize rebellion against the Capitol.

What flowers are used to symbolize love?

Red roses.

What do jasmine flowers symbolize?

Modesty, grace and elegance

What do Rues flowers symbolize?

She is dead. And that she was important to Katniss.

What flowers symbolize boys?

None! Nothing at all :)

What do flowers and swords symbolize in romeo and Juliet?


What did dandelions symbolize in the hunger games?

yellow flowers

What do you use flowers for?

People use flowers to symbolize love, sorrow, happinies,anger,ect. Flowers are used for medicine.

What do Babies Breath flowers symbolize?

Babies breath flowers mean everlasting love and innocence.

What does the flowers symbolize in the book hunger games?

It depends on what flowers your talking about, if your talking about Rue's flowers that Katniss lays on Rue, then they symbolize rebillion. Kind of like saying that Rue isn't "just another piece in their game".

What does a forget-me-not tattoo symbolize?

Forget me not's are flowers that can symbolize true love, hope, remembrance, and memories.

What do the flowers on Utah's state seal symbolize?

it symbolizes the state flower

What do flowers symbolize in Dia De Los Muertos?

It stands for love and compassion.

What flower means beauty?

Alyssum flowers symbolize beauty. Alyssum is a perennial plant with yellow, white, pink or purple flowers.

What exactly does a purple Clematis flower symbolize?

The symbolic meaning of clematis flowers is ingenuity.

What does the field of flowers symbolize in Wizard Of Oz?

The beauty of the poppies hid the fact that they were deadly.

What is the symbolic meaning of a carpenter bee?

Carpenter bees are often solitary insects so they can symbolize loneliness. They can also symbolize life since they pollinate flowers.

What does orange flowers mean?

Orange flowers don'tmean anything. If you are asking about orange trees then their flowersare white and they will eventually lose their petals and oranges will form.Orange flowers can Symbolize energy, enthusiasm, and warmth, fascination, and Passion for life.

What does a tree peony symbolize?

In the Victorian language of flowers, peony was interpreted as bashfulness or sometimes as shame.

Does a gladiolus flower symbolize strength?

In the Victorian Language of Flowers a gladiolus was interpreted as "strength of character".

What two flowers are used to symbolise peace?

Lilies are quite often used to symbolize peace.

What do water and lotus flowers symbolize?

water represents life the lotus flower represents the struggles people go through because the flowers grow out of the mud