What do foxes eat?

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Foxes, like all Canidae , are carnivores. They eat small

mammals, carrion, food that have been left out by people and

sometimes fruit.

The fox eats lots of different things including rodents,

insects, worms, fruit, fish, birds, eggs, and all other kinds of

small animals that it can find within its range. It is, after all,

a predator, and a bit of a scavenger as well.


Foxes eat many things- that includes tame (easy) prey for the

fox such as chicken, chicks and even vunrable lambs. Rumour has

that their most common food is rabbit. This is not true as a fox

only eats rabbit when it is their only option; as rabbits are hard

to catch.

meat they are carnivores and they eat fruits(fruits are not


Fox eat during the daytime and nighttime. They mostly feed on

small rodents, berries, grasses, wood bark, and a road kill might

be considered as desert.

Meat and fruits

Foxes eat small mammals such as shrews and mice but will also

eat fruit if needed.

foxes eat small mammals,carrion and sometimes fruits.

Foxes eat small mammals, such as shrews and mice.

Foxes eat small mammals, such as shrews and mice. They also feed on

eggs and berries.

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