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The exchange surfaces are moist.

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Gas exchange in aquatic animals?

Depends on the aquatic animal. Whales have complex systems were jellyfish have no system for gas exchange.

Tracheal systems for gas exchange are found in which organism?


What do the respiratory and the circulatory systems do together?

Working together, the respiratory and circulatory systems perform gas exchange from the blood to the lungs. This exchange occurs at the alveoli.

What do alveoli and capillaries have in common?

Alveoli and capillaries are both the thinnest parts of their systems. They are both one cell thick. Gas exchange takes place in both of them.

How are gas exchange surfaces in respiratory systems kept moist?

The main gas exchange surfaces in the respiratory tract of humans is the alveoli. The alveoli are kept moist by mucus.

What features do all gas exchange systems have in common?

All plants, animals, fish etc, need gas from the air to breathe. Whether it be carbon dioxide, oxygen from water or our atmosphere, its pretty much a given.

Why are chordates considered to be the highest and the most advanced group of animals?

Because of their complex organs, circularitory systems, nervous systems, and gas exchange systems.

What does gas exchange across a membrane require?

Gases must first dissolve in a fluid in order to diffuse across a membrane. All gas exchange systems require a moist environment.

How does gas exchange occur when the circulatory and respiratory systems work together?

it occurs through the heart

What does Neptune have in common with Saturn?

They are gas giants with ring systems.

In what way is gas exchange in insects different from that of mammals?

Gas exchange in insects happens directly through air tubes or pores in the skin. Mammals respire by using lungs and respiratory systems.

Where does the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide happen between the respiratory and circulatory systems?

Gas exchange between the respiratory and circulatory systems happens at the capillaries surrounding the alveoli. The alveoli are the tiny air sacs in the lungs.

Why are transport systems necessary in multicellular plants and animals?

to maintain proper metabolism, mainly gas exchange

How gas exchange when the circulatory and respiratory systems work together?

Gas exchange occurs at the alveoli, where the respiratory and circulatory systems work closely together. Gases diffuse across the alveolar and capillary membranes, and the blood picks up oxygen and gets rid of carbon dioxide.

How does gas exchange happen in an earthworm?

The moist skin of earthworms is used for gas exchange. Furthermore, their closed circulatory systems contain blood vessels close to the skin which allow for the exchange of O2/CO2. Reference = Biology 191 laboratory manual

What two systems do amphibians use for gas exchange?

Amphibians use their lungs, and use their thin skin when its moist.

What is gas exchange and where does it happen?

Gas exchange happens in the Alveoli

Similarities and differences between insect and mammal gas exchange systems?

its not the same. reo done a turtel head...LOL!!

Closed systems exchange energy but do not exchange what?


Closed systems exchange energy but do not exchange?


Gas exchange in the human body?

explaon gas exchange in humans

What body system functions in gas exchange?

The respiratory system functions in gas exchange. In doing so, it works closely with the circulatory system, and is aided by the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems.

What were food exchange systems originally developed for?

Food exchange systems were originally developed for people with Diabetes.

Systems allow for the exchange of materials with the outside environment.?

_____ systems allow for the exchange of materials with the outside environment.

What happens in gas exchange?

Clearly, the answer to your question is in the question, people exchange their gas.