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Young girls usually want handsome guys that will make other girls envious. More mature girls and women will look for a good provider, and someone who will treat them nicely.

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โˆ™ 2016-12-04 19:22:20
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Q: What do girls actually look for in guys?
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Why do girls look at guys butts?

For the same reason why guys look at girls' butts.

Do guys actually listen to girls when they're trying to help?

Yes, some guys actually listen to girls, like me.

What do guys look in girls?

Because girls have breasts and guys like breast especially when they move. And because the look attractive to them.

Why do girls like thongs?

Because girls think they look sexy and when they bend over some times guys look at girls butts and if the thong was there guys might see it and guys live for that stuff!

Why do guys look at girls behinds?

because men like looking at girls behinds. it is a sexual thing. puberty will get you on that. also guys like to look at girls boobs.

Why do guys look at girls from toes to there eyes?

look guys get nervous and trust me I've been there

Why are girls so mean to skinny guys?

i think that is a matter of opinion. Not all girls are mean to skinny guys. Actually, most girls aren't

What do guys look in for girls?

thier boobs

What do guys look for in girls at a party?


What do guys in high school look for in girls?

the idiots look for looks and dirtiness, but the good guys look for personality. and looks

Do girls like guys seeing up there skirts? you pervert. Girls prefer guys who actually know how to use grammar.

Do guys look at other girls while they have girl friends?

some guys do

Do guys get nervous when they look at girls eyes?

Depends on the guys and how they feel about the girl

Why do guys like shy girls?

Because the shy girls never actually react.

Do girls look up guys shorts?

whoever asked this silly question is really a fool because GIRLS DONT LOOK UP GUYS SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do guys care about girls looks?

It depends on the guy, but generally girls who look "better" tend to get more attention from guys.

Why do guys look up girls skirts?

some guys just ask. or they may also look for chances.

Why are guys always love leading girls on when they don't actually like them?

Guys use love to get sex and Girls use sex to get love!

Why do guys look at girls do they like her?

not always but sumtimes

Do guys like mean girls?

No they like hot and sweet girls They usually like sweet, kind, hot girls so if your mean I would try not to be if I were you. but I guess some guys might like mean girls. (maybe) here is a web link about what guys look for in girls:

Why do guys look at girls a lot?

Probaly cause they like girls. They'll ruin girls' reputaion I don't look at them back either.

What types of things do guys look for in girls?

Guys like girls who can laugh at them and listen. They are happy when they are telling you about everything and anything and they know that you are interested. They want someone who will be there for them. They are actually really emotional, even if they don't talk, they are always putting on a brave front.

Why do girls care more about looks then guys?

Well girls will be girls and they always have to look their best to impress the guys. Most guys just think they dont need to look that good to impress a girl. some girls dont care about looks and some just dont want to look like bums cuz they dont like a guy and girls dont care more about there looks then guys they care about your personality if you act like a kid they wont like you if you act nice and actually care then they will like you but not like hold the door nice some girls might take that offecncive like there to week to open a door

What types of things do girls look for in guys?

The kind of stuff girls look for in guys are ..... caring, kind, funny,nice personality, hot looks nd eyes(sometimes)

Do guys think its cute when girls act childish?

Yes, we actually do.