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Green grass, leaves and bark on trees, hay and grain.

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Can goats live with pigs?

No mainly because goats eat grass,and pigs do not eat grass.

Can sheep and goats eat zoysia grass?

Sheep and goats mostly eat grass, clover, forbs, and other pasture plants. They can eat zoysia grass. Goats eat more than sheep.

What do Tunisians eat?

they eat grass and milk from goats

What do you feed goats?

as goats are herbivores so they can eat leaves and grass

Are goats herbivores or carnivores?

Goats eat grass and shrubs, this makes them herbivores

What kind of grass do goats eat?

Same kind of grass that other herbivores eat, including cows, horses, and sheep. Goats actually prefer to eat forbs in the form of weeds and shrubby material than grass if given a choice, but will eat grass as well.

What do fainting goats eat?

Fainting goats will eat the same things as a normal goat will, for example, they will eat grass, hey, and grains.

What do angora goats eat?

Grass, pasture and hay

What do goats eat for food?

Goats are herbivores and browsers so they can eat grass, leaves on trees, hay, silage and grain.

What do mountain goats eat?

Mountain goats eat grasses, herbs, segdes, ferns, and moss andlichen.Mostly grass

How do goats find food?

Bit Simple Mate. They Eat Grass. Yes Grass.

Can sheep eat goat's grass?

There is no specific kind of grass that goats eat, so yes, sheep can eat any kind of grass a goat eats.

How do goats get and eat their food?

They just eat the grass dude.... What did u think?

What do cashmere goats eat?

Pasture, grass, hay, vegetation

Goats live in grasslands. why?

Because they have to eat grass

What do mountain goats eat.?

I believe they eat grass and roots up atop the mountains.moss lichens and spars grass

What kind of grass does a sheep eat?

Same kind of grass that cattle, horses, goats and other herbivores eat. It can range from green grass to brown, dead grass.

Do goat eat meat?

No, Goats are herbivores, they eat grass, herbs and other vegetation.

What is goat grass?

Grass that goats eat. Goat grass is a variety of grass from Europe that was introduced to the Americas. Thes seeds from goat grass are pointed and sharp and can cause injury to livestock that eat it.

Do water buffalo like to eat dry grass?

Because that's what they eat, grass.

What small mammals eat grass?

Sheep, goats, ponies, deer

What is a goat favorite food?

Goats like to eat a lot of grass

Do miniature horses eat your plants and grass?

Miniature horses eat what regular horses eat grass horse feed etc. Just smaller amounts. Goats will eat plants weeds and grass.

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