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the death of mom

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Q: What do grasshoppers symbolize in out of the dust?
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How do you keep grasshoppers off of plants?

Sevin dust...

What does the dust symbolize in out of the dust?

it symbolizes bad because it causes hardaches

What do grasshoppers symbolize?

grasshoppers symboloze good luck, and if a grasshopper shows up in your life repeatedly then it means your life is about to leap in a new direction.

What are Clouds of Grasshoppers?

They are a group of grasshoppers that ate everything left during the dust storm ,like crops,gardens,and even clothing left out to dry.

Why did the grasshopper plague descend on the dust bowl?

The grasshoppers descended on the farms of people during the dust bowl because they were looking for food. A serve drought had forced the grasshoppers, and many other insects and animals, to seek other food sources.

What does dust symbolize?

Dust in most of the litratures symbolizes humbleness. Some litratures take it as a symbol for extreme weakness and nothingness.

Did grasshoppers damage crop during the dust bowl?

Big time. They were basically the most major pests during the dust bowl and there are house pests like millipedes during the dust bowl.

What does the Eaton's piano symbolize in out of the dust?

It represents hope and calms Billie Jo when she plays it.

What does a dead grasshopper symbolize?

Grasshoppers represent truth, agility and honesty. The death of a grasshopper symbolizes the loss of these important virtues which has a negative association.

What does the penny symbolize in the story penny in the dust?

the symbolizes the relationship and hidden love between the son and the father.

How do grasshoppers digest?

How do grasshoppers digest?

Can grasshoppers sting?

No. Grasshoppers have no stingers.

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