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Males are driven by Biology much like females. Males tend to be much more visual so a female's features are much more important, especially to a young male. Pretty eyes and pretty face are good, breast size and shape are important and quite often buttocks and legs too. Personality does come into it, but not usually immediately

Most guys like cute, smart, shy, younger, and kind girls or those bold, girls who know exactly what they want and aren't afraid to go for it.

Guys like a lot of things in girls. Guys like girls who are confident, funny, and outgoing.

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Q: What do guys like in girls?
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Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Do girls like guys or just cars and money?

Some girls are awesome, and like guys for who they are, some girls like guys cause they're hot, and some jerky girls like guys for their money and their cars.

Do guys like girls with tight shirts?

Some guys like girls with tight shirts; some guys like girls with baggy shirts; some guys like girls with large chests; some guys like girls with small chests; some guys don't like girls at all. You see, it's all a matter of personal taste and preference.

What type of attitude do you like in a girls?

Different guys like different girls. Some guys like fiesty, pain in the neck girls. Some guys like submissive girls. Just be you and try to find someone that likes you for who you are. Different guys like different girls. Some guys like fiesty, pain in the neck girls. Some guys like submissive girls. Just be you and try to find someone that likes you for who you are.

What kind of girls do british guys like?

Most guys like most girls...

Do guys like modest girls?

Yes some guys do like modest girls.

Why do guys like girls breast to suck?

besause guys dont have brests . guys like beauty and 30% beauty of girls is of her brest

Do girls like sensative guys?

Most girls do because they are open and honest with the female. But some girls do like the guys that are prideful or mistreat others. Girls have different assets that they are attract to but most girls like guys they can talk to.

What does Albanian guys like about girls?

The same things any other guys like about girls.

Do guys like transgender girls?

There are many guys in the world that are attracted to and like transgender girls.

Do guys like girls with a slight build?

Not all girls like men with a slight built. Some girls like skinny guys while some others like big guys. Girls have different tastes in men as men do in girls. Girls r hot XD

Do girls like smart guys if their not bad looking?

If they're nice guys. And girls can like guys even if he's ugly. :)

Do guys like girls who are really good in sports?

All guys have different tastes when it comes to girls, but I would say that there are guys that do like girls that are good at sports.

Why do guys ignore girls when they find out they like them?

Because guys tend to believe that they will get more attention (from those girls who like them), when they ignore girls who like them

Do guys like southern girls?

Depends on the guy on what he likes in girls. Of course there are guys out there that like Southern girls, so no worries.

Do guys like mean girls or the nice girls?

Differs from guy to guy, however, most guys like nice girls.

Do most guys like girls with blue eyes?

about 60% of guys like girls with blue eyes

Do guys like transgender girls-?

Yes, there are some guys in the world that do specifically like transgender girls.

Why can't guys accept girls that are different?

There are men that aren't like that. There are guys out there that like girls that are different.

Do guys like atheltic girls?

yes most guys like athletic girls or somewhat athlectic

Do skinny guys like large girls?

Yes. Skinny guys like all size girls.

How many girls like ripped guys?

I would suggest all girls like ripped guys.

What do guys like about girls-?

Guys like girls for campanionship, someone to talk to and spend the rest of their life with.

Do guys like girls who act like a guy?

Every guy is different. But most guys i know don't like girls who act like guys. Only some people do: but they usually like girls who act like themselves.

Do girls like horny guys?

girls like horny guys when girls are comfortable with their sexuality or when they are lonely and will take anything. girls only like guys that are horny when they don't creep them out by being obsessve and obnoxious because they are horny.