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What do guys typically consider when they find a girl they think is marriage material?



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Well, I've been dating my girlfriend for over three years now, and am considering marriage in the near future, so I guess I can help answer this one....or at least, i can tell you what I'M looking for.... Marriage is basically an agreement that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. I want a woman that can hold a conversation about things that interest me. I want a woman that has an abundance of patience with me. I need a woman that wants to be my partner in life, not my mother figure. I want a woman that isn't constantly trying to change or improve me. I want a woman that will be honest with me whether she thinks I want to hear it or not. I want my wife to get along with my family, and I want to be welcomed by her family. I want her to have similar goals to me in terms of wanting to have children, wanting to live in a certain area, wanting a certain standard of living for us and our children, etc. I want a woman with a healty sexual appetite. Hey, I'll say it out loud, I don't care. I want a woman who trusts me enough to want to experiment with things like that. I want a woman who has her own goals and aspirations in life. I have seen marriages fail because, directly after marriage, the wife wanted to raise the children and ... well, that was their entire plan. I for one am not a man that wants to take care of my wife financially for the rest of our days. I want us to succeed together, and take care of each other. Some men want housewives. Some men want business partners. I suppose I want something in between. I want a woman that is confident in herself. Confidence is probably the sexiest characteristic of a woman that I can think of.