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Well, I've been dating my girlfriend for over three years now, and am considering marriage in the near future, so I guess I can help answer this one....or at least, i can tell you what I'M looking for.... Marriage is basically an agreement that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. I want a woman that can hold a conversation about things that interest me. I want a woman that has an abundance of patience with me. I need a woman that wants to be my partner in life, not my mother figure. I want a woman that isn't constantly trying to change or improve me. I want a woman that will be honest with me whether she thinks I want to hear it or not. I want my wife to get along with my family, and I want to be welcomed by her family. I want her to have similar goals to me in terms of wanting to have children, wanting to live in a certain area, wanting a certain standard of living for us and our children, etc. I want a woman with a healty sexual appetite. Hey, I'll say it out loud, I don't care. I want a woman who trusts me enough to want to experiment with things like that. I want a woman who has her own goals and aspirations in life. I have seen marriages fail because, directly after marriage, the wife wanted to raise the children and ... well, that was their entire plan. I for one am not a man that wants to take care of my wife financially for the rest of our days. I want us to succeed together, and take care of each other. Some men want housewives. Some men want business partners. I suppose I want something in between. I want a woman that is confident in herself. Confidence is probably the sexiest characteristic of a woman that I can think of.

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What do men think of women that aren't easy?

That they would be good marriage material.

What is the definition if consider?

Think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision.

What are the ages of getting married that considered young wedding?

I think the young marriage I would consider is like 20-25. That's what a young marriage would be.

I am 16 and she is 15 is it too young for us to consider marriage?

I think most reasonable people would agree that you are too young. YES

What do you think beatrice and benedick's marriage will be like?

what do you think beatrice and benedicks marriage will be like

What is adoptive marriage?

i think it is contract marriage & it is illegal!

What do scientologists think about marriage?

They perform marriage ceremonies.

What consider mean?

consider means to think about it

What special preparations should couples make before becoming copreneurs?

1.I think they have to consider their marriage,for example the type of marriage they are in. 2.The ways in which they will handle the conflict in their business. 3.They have to make sure that they separate the family isues with business.

What do you think about the marriage?

Marriage is a beautiful thing between two people.

Is marriage a good thing?

It can Be I guess it just dePends on what you think if you know someone who's marriage I bad it doesn't mean that yours will be so just thInk about what you think marriage is ok ^_^ I hope this helps you...

What is the meaning of consider?

to think deeply of. to think deeply of.

When should you consider marriage in a relationship?

Marriage is a commitment to your relationship. It shows that you are mature enough and ready to take on the responsibility of a family. There is no "certain" age for marriage. If you are mature enough to handle family and responsibility and committed enough to make your partner happy, I think you can marry any time in your relationship as long as you and your partner are above the legal age to marry.

Does Beneatha agree to marriage in A Raisin in the Sun?

Beneatha does not explicitly agree to marry Asagai. He has asked her marry him, and Beneatha tells him it is too much to consider at the moment. Asagai agrees to let Beneatha think, and at the end of the play, Beneatha and Walter discuss the idea of her marriage to Asagai.

What is my sister's father-in-law to me?

You are not related at all by blood and you not related by marriage as you were already born when two family,s become togeather by marriage .But if or when you have kids they are related to him by marriage and they can consider him a grand uncle by marriage.So you can sitll think of him as family if you what to and if you are in same family circle .But if you not in same family circle and if you hardly ever or if ever see him at family functions , then he just someone that you dont know very well and is related to you sister by marriage.

What does it mean to consider?

what it mean to consider is to Think about something. For Example: I consider that my grandma was happy when the sun came out!

Is trey songz marriage?

i think he is maybe

Is marriage dangerous?

it depends o what you think

Is marriage with mother's brother daughter legal?

Marriage with a cousin is legal in all countries, I think.

How do you get a marriage ring on animal jam?

i dont think there is even a marriage ring on Animal Jam

Why do some people think that same-sex marriage will hurt the economy?

People don't think this. Gay marriage has nothing to do with a country's economy.

What do you think about interracial marriage?

I think interracial marriage is just as okay as any old marriage I also think that anyone who thinks that it is wrong needs to wake up cause its the 21 century Color is just a cant choose who you are or who your are going to marry

Is water a raw material or a end product?

I think its a raw material.

What is the synonym of think?

Consider or contemplate.

What changes when you are seventeen?

I think you can legally get a marriage license. I think that's just about it.

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