Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert was the runner up of the eighth season of American Idol and released his debut album in November 2009.

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Adam Lambert

What are female Adam Lambert fans called?

All his fans is called glamberts :)

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Adam Lambert

What is Tommy Joe Ratliff's favorite makeup brand?

M.A.C lipstick

I guess the rest is M.A.C. too?

Adam Lambert

Where can you buy awesome clothes?


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Adam Lambert
Three Days Grace

Is Adam Brody single?

he was dating Rachel Bilson but they split up so yes he is currently single
Adam Lambert
Bella Thorne

Did Adam Lambert get Bella Thorne pregnett?

They have a gap difference in their age. Bella Thorne is obviously not pregnant because she is on a dance show and Adam is dating someone. They probably don't even know each other personally since Adam is way more popular than her. Hope this helped!

Adam Lambert

Does Adam Lambert celebrate Christmas?

Adam Lambert is Jewish, therefore he does not celebrate Christmas. Because of this he celebrates the holidays, not the specific holiday, Christmas.

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Adam Lambert

Is Alpine Valley Music Theater being sold?

I heard it too. But it seems like I've been hearing that for the past 5-10 years.

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Adam Lambert

What does bi-curious mean?

Bi-curious means that although someone doesn't identify as being bisexual or homosexual, they feel some curiosity or desire regarding a relationship or sexual contact with a member of the same sex.

Adam Lambert

Is Adam Lambert a drag queen?

No, he is not.

Adam Lambert

How does Adam Lambert get his hair like pointy?

With a ton of super hold hair gel!

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Adam Lambert

What is Adam Lambert's sexual orientation?

Adam Lambert, singer-songwriter, actor and runner-up of American Idol 2009 is openly gay. He publicly announced it to Rolling Stone magazine when he was in the semi-finals of American Idol.

Adam Lambert
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Does Cher Lloyd live in a house?

Cher Lloyd has lived in her family home in Malvern for all of her life.

Adam Lambert

What kind of eye liner does Adam Lambert wear?

He says he doesn't stick to one brand when it comes to makeup, just buys what he likes.

Adam Lambert
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What is Adam Lambert's official fan email address?

Adam Lambert does not have an official fan email. However, you can send him fan mail at his official fan mail address.

Fan Mail Address:

Adam Lambert

Direct Management Group, Inc.

8332 Melrose Avenue

2nd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90069



Adam Lambert


120 K Street

Suite 300

Sacramento, CA 95814


Adam Lambert

Is Miranda Lambert Related to Adam Lambert?

No they are not related.

Just because they share the last name does not mean they are related.

Adam Lambert

Does Adam Lambert have a son?


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Adam Lambert

Where was Lisa Michel Lambert incarcerated for the Laurie Show murder?

1.) Lancaster County Prison (up to and during Trial) (December 22, 1991 until September 1992) 2.)State Correctional Institute at Muncy, Muncy, Pennsylvania (Briefly in the Fall of 1992 while going through Diagnostic Classification) 3.) State Correctional Institute at Cambridge Springs, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania (Until 1993, 1994, or 1995. Where she engaged in sexual contact with a guard and later accused him of rape and is still trying to pursue those claims against the guard and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) 4.) Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women, Clinton, New Jersey (Placed in "Isolation to protect her from alleged threats from Pennsylvania Correctional Officers BY the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania around maybe 1993, 1994, or 1995) 5.)Transferred to Massachusetts Correctional Institue at Framingham, Framingham, Massachusetts in January 2006 (her "friends" online claimed that she was getting the hell beat out of her at Edna Mahan) (She remains as of August 2007) 6.) Who knows . . . .

Adam Lambert

What are fans of Leonard Cohen called?

William Carroll is Wierd!

Adam Lambert

What does Adam Levines Hindi tattoo mean?

Its Sanskrit language means "HEAT"

Adam Lambert

What is adam Lamberts favorite food?

ice cream<33

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Adam Lambert
Prometheus (Mythology)

What advice would you give to help an 18-year-old gay to get through his depression because he is constantly picked on and is tortured on a daily basis?

If you are still in school (or college) then gay-bashing is not usually tolerated in ANY school. I live in British Columbia, Canada and there is zero tolerance for this behavior in any sector of our society. See the school counselor and if you are living at home express your feelings to your parents and perhaps transfer to another school. If you are working put a grievance into Management and if they don't rectify the problem then put a grievance into Labor Relations. DON'T you ever change who you are or you would be cheating yourself! You are gay, and thus, in order to be happy you need to be honest with yourself. People generally don't choose to be gay, and there are not enough studies on this subject to find out why some people are gay and others are heterosexuals. One is no better than the other and we should try to get along. I was once a teen myself (many moons ago. LOL) I know kids can be cruel, but now gay people are more widely accepted in society than ever before and there are a lot of gay groups out there fighting for their civil rights. They go to school, they work, pay taxes and contribute to society and fight in wars and sometimes lose their lives. Many gays have monogamous relationships. YOU have every right to be respected if you give respect in return. There are enough bad things happening in this world than worrying about who is gay or who is not gay. I live my life by this rule from the Bible ... "FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SINNED CAST THE FIRST STONE!" Well, I haven't seen any stone throwing in my 65 years! You aren't going to be a teen for much longer, so take a deep breath and hang on for a bit longer. See your doctor and don't be ashamed to tell your doctor you are gay (if you haven't already) and you are very depressed. Stay low if you are in school and hang around with those friends you can trust, or, if you are going to college or working do the same thing. Keep your private life to yourself and associate with a group of gay friends (many gay clubs out there) and have some fun for a change. Often gay men surround themselves with girl friends. Here is an example: In the early 60s I had a very good friend who we'll call "Tim". I met him when I was working up North and we were friends for years. He was constantly battling the fact he was gay, his mother accepted the fact and he was close to his mother, but his father was not and his brother was the usual jock (the worst kind) who tormented me constantly until he was forced to leave home. This was when gay behavior was not tolerated in society. The worst of it all was, he was in the worse place ever ... a construction camp with over 4500 men. If they had found out he was gay they would have beaten him to a pulp, so my advice to him was to pull off being straight (which he always did anyway) and take his weekends to go to the nearest city and go to the gay clubs or meet up with another gay friend. He only had to do this for a year. When I left and returned to my hometown of Vancouver, B.C., it wasn't long after Tim had completed his contract in the construction camp and returned to Vancouver as well. We became close buddies again and went out together and talked a lot. Eventually through all the talking, our friendship and a lot of work on his part he found his middle-ground and was happy. To this day I cherish his friendship and the best part was, he was handsome, I could go out and have fun without being mauled or hit on, and yet had an escort. We laughed so often and in private he would do my hair for me if I was going out on a date and even tell me what clothes I looked good in. Sometimes we'd howl over the experiences he had when he was away in another town. Unfortunately, he moved to Toronto and although we kept in touch by phone and letter he ceased to write. I only pray that he is OK and that he's found peace in his life with a good monogamous partner. It takes courage to admit what you are and you have done that so be proud of that fact. You should never try to change who you are if you are good at heart and spirit and NO ONE has the right to say what type of lifestyle you should live. You haven't been picking the right friends and if you are being name-called hold your head up, ignore the remarks (it's cruel, unnecessary and plain bone mean.) These are ignorant people and of no consequence in your life. Pick places you will be accepted as just someone there that is helping or having fun. For instance, volunteer somewhere to help others. Do you think that a nursing home full of elderly would care if you were gay or not? Not at all! Volunteer for Animal Rights, or cancer, AIDS or anything. Get busy! By doing this these people who volunteer accept you and that's what you are pining for now. It gives you insight into yourself and gives you more strength. Don't let these lug-heads bring you down! You're still a young man and so to be a full-fledged man and gay has nothing to do with the soul you have inside of you. Last, but certainly not least, some very famous people are gay. Trueman Capote was gay and verified this as many actors, authors, directors, etc., and they didn't fold under the fact they were gay. Hang in there & good luck

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Adam Lambert
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Is Joe Thornton married?

No, but he does have a girlfriend.

Adam Lambert

Do Tommy joe ratliff like kissing Adam Lambert?

If Tommy minded he would not do it. However, it is all a part of the show, done on stage only and all in the name of entertainment. In real life they are friends only - Tommy is straight and Adam is gay.

Adam Lambert

What ethnicity is Adam Lambert?

hes full american

Adam is Jewish-American.

Adam Lambert

Can Adam Lambert play any instruments?



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