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Health care providers offer preventive care, rehab care, informational care, and curative care. They are trained in medicine, nursing and community health.

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Q: What do health care providers provide?
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What kind of service do health care providers provide?

Health Care providers provide several services. They provide medical malpractice and professional liability insurance. The also provide risk management services. Their health care service is mainly to prevent malpractice and they offer curative and rehabilitative services.

What do United Health Care providers do within their company?

United Health Care providers offer a variety of health care plans to those in the United States. They provide plans for businesses and individuals within their company.

Secondary health care providers?

Secondary health care providers are medical specialists with specific expertise that your primary care provider will refer you to.

Are health plans health care providers?

No. Health plans are health insurance plans. Health care providers are made up of physicians, physican assistants, nurse practitioners, and such.

Who is carecentrix?

CareCentrix is the leading provider of home health benefits management services to the health care industry. They provide health care plans and providers with a one-stop solution that coordinates all of a patientÕs home health care needs.

How can health care providers work together within the continuum of care?

Health care providers could work together within the continuum of care by making health care more affordable to patients with out health insurance. Good communication skills is important in health care.

What service does Eastern Health provide?

Eastern Health is a network of hospitals and health care providers located in portions of Australia. They offer primary and hospital care, maternity care, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and mental health care as well as ambulance and emergency medical services.

What type of services do HMO's offer?

An HMO is a Health Maintenance Organization. They provide services which include health insurance, self-funded health care benefit plans and provides communication between health care providers and individuals.

What are the types of health care providers?

There are many types of health care providers. These include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational care therapists, clinical psychologists and many more.

How does a prepaid health plan encourage efficiency in the provision of health care services?

Health care providers can make higher profits.

What are all the different health care providers?

While there are numerous health care providers, some of the tops ones are Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and CIGNA. Try comparing prices with all these providers.

Are health care professionals who provide mental health care integrated with other systems of care?

Yes there are a few health care professions who do provide mental health care with other care systems. what area are they located in?

What services do CPAs provide the elderly?

bill paying, providing assurance that health care providers are delivering services in conformity with the client's criteria, and consulting on care alternatives and how to pay for them.

How many health care providers are there?

Health care providers are those who treat patients. Health care insurance 'carriers' offer insurance policies for sale or offer coverage through government agencies.Most states average about 5-7 health care insurancecarriers and they differ from state to state.

What service does Care UK provide for people?

Care UK provides many different services that are not unlike others offered by health care providers in the country. Physical health check ups and doctor visits are just some of the services provided.

Where can I find a list of health care providers by location?

Wikipedia has a list of Health Care providers. It is sorted by location so you can see if it corresponds with your needs. Wikipedia is a good website for information.

What alternatives are there to a liver biopsy?

In some instances, blood tests may provide enough information to health care providers to make an accurate diagnosis

What state is considered to have the worst health care providers in the country?


Can you teach heart saver CPR with BLS for health care providers certification?

The health care providers' employers will decide whether that's acceptable. All of my employers require the health care workers' course and don't accept the heart saver course.

Types of information systems in health care?

Health information systems based on the individual Health information system on the health providers

Christiania Care Health System is one of the largest health care providers in what region?

Christina Care Health Systems is the main health care provider in the northeast region. It provides healthcare to all of Delaware and portions of Pennsylvania.

What kind of health care providers does the company Maxim work with?

can somebody answer the question for me

Why are Health care providers needed?

Maybe so that sick people can get treatment?

What state in the US is considered to have the worst health care providers in the country?


What does Canada's government provide?

Health Care

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