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Hermit crab eggs look similar to some fish eggs. Thousands of eggs are laid along the left side of the female's abdomen. The female will carry them for about a month. The eggs will gradually turn gray. The female will go to the ocean and deposit the eggs into the water.

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Hermit crab eggs are small and red. There are thousands of them.

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What does hermit crab eggs look like?

They Turn different colors but there small dots

What does a blue clawed hermit crab look like?

It is a green hermit crab with blue claws.

What do hermit crabs eggs look like?

i dont know what hermit crabs eggs look like but i posted one below Hermit crab's eggs are small, and red.

What does water hermit crabs look like?

water hermit crabs look like a regular hermit crab the only difference is that the water crab can be found in brackish water more than land.

What do crab eggs look like?

i have a crab and she is a girl and then she had babies the eggs look like frog eggs butt way smaller

What does a hermit crab molting look like?

what it looks like is a naked hermit crab so if your hermit crab isn't picking it shell for almost a day get more changing shells so if your hermit crab is naked don't worry just give them some time

How can you tell the gender of a hermit crab?

If you look at the bottom inner stomach of a female hermit, you will see two tiny dots where eggs come out!

What does hermit crab poop look like?

Hermit crab poop is a light brown and is a thin short line. The shade of brown differs due to what the hermit crab's diet contains.

What does a girl hermit crab look like?

There are many theories on hermit crab sex, but scientists still don't know because many don't study them.

What to do if your hermit crab has escaped?

Look for it in dark places like under a sofa

How do you know when a hermit crab is having babies?

hermit crabs have gooowie like egs that look rather like snot, but your hermit crab eggs will not hatch as they need to be fertilized in sea salt water which you probably don't have access to. if you do, and you find the goowie orenge snot, and if you have access to the sea salt water,then go for it, you may have hermit babies, but goodluck on finding them shells. best of luck

What does a hermit crab look like when it is dying?

Mine is dead. It is hanging out of its shell and is not moving.

How is a hermit crab and rock crab different?

well a hermit crab is much more cuter and you can tell by the names so my advice well just look up firs a hermit crab than a rock crab on google images

How do you tell if a hermit crab is a boy or girl?

Take one of you hermit crabs out of it's cage. Hold it's shell in the air. The hermit crab will be dangling out of it's shell. The hermit crab's head should be facing down at the ground, and the shell should be in the grasp of your fingers facing up at the ceiling. Your hermit crab should be dangling upsidown. While the hermit crab is like this, you will be able to see its stomach. Look at the 2nd row of legs (NOT including the claws.). If its a girl, there will be two small holes that look like small dots on that second row of legs. If it is a boy, there will be no holes. These holes are called "gonopores". You can look up a picture of the gonopores so you will know what they look like before you start checking your hermit crabs. It helps a lot to know what they actually look like before you start looking to see if the crab is a male or female.

How do you know if hermit crab sheds?

When a hermit crab sheds you will see something come out of the shell and it looks like its dead it only sheds halfway and if you look inside the shell it will still be there.

Where can you let a hermit crab go?

Near water on a sandy beach = Bad Idea .. The crabs will die. Each type of hermit crab needs a different location to survive. Look up hermit crab images and find your hermit crab, then look up their natural environment.

What is the do you do when you hermit crab dies?

When a hermit crab dies, they crawl out of their shell. They look like a shrimp. When this happens, you can do nothing but bury it and save the shell. They usually die when they run out of water and they dry up.

How does a baby hermit crab look like?

um i really dont know what it looks like but it is probbably ugly

Do hermit crabs act dead when they are molting?

Yes. When a hermit crab is molting, it reserves energy by not moving. The old skin will be shed and look like a ghost crab. Make sure that your hermit crab has plenty of water in it's dish or sponge as humidity is a great help to him or her during this process.

Are there other animals that live like hermit crab?

yes name crabs there are differents type that you have to look at

How do you look after a pet hermit crab?

See related links

What does a hermit crab look like when its dead?

If it's not curled up in its shell, the legs will look dry and fragile, like a dead spider. Crunchy.

What is the name of a baby hermit crab?

When the hermit crab is first hatched, it goes through many stages. First it is hatched from it's egg, then it comes out as small phytoplankton. They go through many molts(shed their exoskeleton)and soon look like a hermit crab. When they are in the sea, breathing water, they are called zoea.

Why might your hermit crab look pink?

Your hermit crab is pink because it just molted. hermit crabs are vertibrates which means they need to molt to grow. hermit crabs burrow underground to molt and stay their for a week to months.

How do you tell if your land hermit crab is pregnant?

It turns out to be very easy to tell if a crab is pregnant. First, look at the crab and make sure it's a crab and not a squirrel or something. If so, it's not pregnant, because crabs don't get pregnant. They lay eggs instead.

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