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Highland ponies look like small draft horses. They are heavy boned with thick necks and short legs and backs. They come in a variety of colors including gray, sorrel, black, and white.

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Are Highland ponies endangered?

Yes, the Highland ponies have become an endangered breed or a rare breed of horse. They are protected and there is a breeding program in process to preserve them.

What do ponies look like compared to horses?

Most ponies look just like horses, just a little smaller.

What are some characteristics of a Miniature Pony?

It depends on the breeding of the miniature pony. Some look more like Shetland ponies, and some look like down-sized Arabians. Miniature ponies can be great lawn-mowers, family pets, show champions, led ponies and ridden ponies for small children. Miniature ponies are generally good-natured, but some tend not to be broken in properlly. and can be timid. Look up Minature Ponies on the Internet for more information, Winnie the Horse Gentler

What do ponies look like?

Like miniature horses.They look pretty much the same as horses, except half the size.

What does the west highland treires look like?

They look like miniature schnauzers but white usually and rarely look good shaved.

Do west highland terriers have whiskers?

They do. They are just look like and feel like hair.

What do highland ponies eat?

Well i give mine Apple Chaff, sugar beet and a carrot( and its drugs) :)

Can you get highland ponies and welsh cob on Howrse?

Not yet, no. They haven't added those breeds onto Howrse yet.

What do the ponies of My Little Pony look like as colts?

There is no official answer, but many fans have drawn it. There are plenty of examples - you can look them up.

Do highland ponies come from Scotland?

The breed comes from Scotland although they may well have been bred elsewhere recently.

What do chincoteague ponies look like?

they look like regular ponies, shorter mane, longer forelock, yet they appear slightly bloated, or fat, because they eat the salty sea grass and drink much more water than other species.

What does a West Highland White Terrier look like?

To see pictures of West Highland While Terriors, click on the link in the related links section of the page.

How do you spell the word that means more than one pony?

The correct spelling is ponies.Ponies refers to two or more ponies.An example sentence is "look at those cute ponies".

Does ponies exsists?

ponies are real, ask a girl or some one like that. Thare are many types of ponies.

Do you look like your dog?

I had a West Highland White Terrier, but my mother told me I looked like a Portuguese Water Dog!

Does liking ponies mean you are gay?

No. Liking ponies means you like ponies. You are gay if you are attracted to members of your own gender.

What adaptations do muskrats have to have to survive?

they can swim, they can eat, they can be happy if they want. they like ponies and oder things. i like ponies. do you?

What are the breeds of ponies?

Ponies can be many breeds, so I'd look them up on the web. Just remember that ponies can't be over 14'2hh so breeds that are under that are a breed of pony. Some are: Welsh ponies Dartmoors Exmoors

When was Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer created?

Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer was created in 2005.

Why do people like ponies?

People like ponies for many different reasons like: there reaaaallly cute,and most are great with kids. these are only a few reasons.

Do ponies poop?

Yes. anything with a digestive track does. Yeah! Yes of course they do because ponies are like that

What do miniature ponies look like?

There just small horses. Think of a person and then a midget. The person is the horse, and the midget is the miniature pony.

When was My Little Pony first made?

The original line of My Little Pony began with the Earth Ponies in 1982. The Earth Ponies were later followed by Pegasus Ponies, Unicorn Ponies, Flutter Ponies and Sea Ponies. Flutter Ponies were smaller and thinner than Pegasus Ponies, and had fluttering wings. Windy Wing and the Summer Wing Ponies were smaller than the Flutter Ponies and were proportioned in a similar way, with larger, butterfly-like wings. The Sea Ponies resembled seahorses, and were produced as both adults and babies. There were also male ponies called 'Big Brother Ponies', which had slightly larger bodies and feathered hooves resembling those of Clydesdale horses.

What are the lyrics to the moshi monsters ponie song?

ponies ponies ponies ponies x5 gigi pricsilla angel mr snoodle ponies ponies ponies poniesx3 tune from begginning

What would a West Highland Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier look like?

Very cute. See the link below to see pictures.

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