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he has to be beautiful and trained

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Well you know you can use pretty much any breed of horse whenever you are dancing horses or doing Dressage (Dressage is the same things as dancing horses.) But Arabians are probobly the best at it. Any breed of horse can be trained to do dressage. The lower levels of dressage are not so much dancing as much as a predetermined pattern of circles and straight lines, and transitions of the 3 different gaits of the horse. In the higher levels of dressage, like the ones you see in the Olympics that really do look like they are dancing, the majority of these horses are warmbloods imported from Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, etc. like the Hanovarian, Holsteiner, Trakhner, Westfalen, Swedish Warmblood, Dutch Warmblood, etc. A lot of the times these horses are crossed with Thoroughbreds or other breeds. Also, the Lippizaner stallions are famous for their world renowned show called the Dancing horses, which are some beautiful maneuvers that originated from when horses were used during battle years and years ago.

The point of dressage is to test the behaviour of the horse. Many well trained dressage horses will/can get higher points in shows. Dressage is a very, very hard sport. Both horse and rider must coperate with each other. Look up Anky Van Grunsven in Google or Yahoo.

This is the snaffle bridle that is used in lower levels of dressage. This is the double bridle which is used in upper levels of dressage. It has two bits for more control and signals.

the reason horses look the way they do is because of their ansestory

they look like normal horses, but sometimes with a desiese and sometimes very woonded, and not as clean, as normal horses.

Like miniature horses.They look pretty much the same as horses, except half the size.

Most ponies look just like horses, just a little smaller.

Like regular horses, just more happy. From far away they could look like cows.

Mustangs can have many body types and shapes depending on what their ancestry is. Some look like Thoroughbreds or Quarter horses, while some look like Iberian horses, ponies, draft horses and everything inbetween. They come in all horse colors and generally have large feet.Mustangs vary in their appearance, they may look like Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Arabians, Iberian horses, draft horses or anything inbetween. As a general rule they will have a 'coarse' look about them and large hooves.Mustangs vary in their appearance, they may look like Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Arabians, Iberian horses, draft horses or anything inbetween. As a general rule they will have a 'coarse' look about them and large hooves.

people believe seahorse look like horses.

there are no natural horses found in minecraft =0

Arbain horses are hard to describe--go to and type in Arabian horses.

Well it has legs, and a head.

they are microscopic and pretty

Horses mostly live in a fenced in pasture but some horses are kept in barns with stalls.

Why yes, but humans look nothing like horses. Horses get the same sicknesses as humans do and they can get arthritis. Hope that helps

It sometimes has a blue glassy look to it!

Donkeys do not protect horses, but donkeys are overall more protective than horses. They may look like they protect horses.

some horses are different. Different horses have different spices. horses that are the same spices are probably going to look a like.

they resembled today's horses only that they were a lot smaller in size.

horses and medieval figures

They look like little horses, although the proportions are different. Relative to a mature horse, foals have larger heads, longer legs and smaller bodies.

Sea Horses are not related to horses but they are called sea horses, one because they live in the sea and two because their heads look like miniature horses heads.

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