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Interval workouts involve short bursts of very intense work.

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Q: What do interval workouts normally involve?
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Best rowing machines for training? offers a great resource as far as 3 interval training workouts for the rowing machine:

What do individual workouts usually involve?

set of rapid exercise which get progressively longer.

Where can I buy beginner treadmill workouts?

A person who is a beginner and just staring to do treadmill workouts needs to start slowly. The website I have provided is a great place to find information about treadmill workouts:

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How can you improve your sprinting speed if you are slow?

Isometric workouts along with low interval high intensity sprints. Do bulgarian split squats for sure and you will get faster

Which treadmills are good for beginners?

With that being said, I've put together a few treadmill workouts for beginners that you can use to get in better shape and to burn more calories. These cardio workouts involve interval training which means that you have a bout of higher intensity (ie. running) followed by a bout of lower intensity (ie. walking). Depending on the duration of the workout, this sequence will be repeated a number of times, which allows you to spend more time at faster speeds because we space them out with "recovery" intervals.

Difference between interval training and continuous training?

Interval training is periods of work followed by periods of rest. This is known as work:rest ratio. This is commonly used to train the anaerobic energy system. Continuous training, of which there are many forms does not involve rest periods, although it could involve periods of different intensities (such as Fartlek training).

What are some really good cardio exercises for weight loss other than running?

Some cardio exercises for weight loss are walking, aerobics, stepping, and cycling.

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Does the Endurance E7HRC Elliptical Trainer have preprogrammed workouts for different fitness goals?

The E7HRC has workout variations for heart rate: Fat Burn; Cardio; Interval; and Hills. It also has six main programs: Fat Burn, Random, Interval, Hills, Weight Loss, and other manually adjusted settings.

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Why is The Firm considered to be the best workout?

The Firm body sculpting workout combines aerobics with weights. Using interval training the firm offers total body workouts that help burn fat and tone muscle.