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Everything health related and drug related. Cholesterol, cancer, Hep, Nicotine, etc. There are some companies available that do not do any testing. 4lifeguild

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Q: What do life insurance companies check for when taking a urine and blood sample?
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Is there any way to test your blood sugar other than taking a blood sample?

Yes, you can test your blood sugar through a urine sample. The sample is checked with a colored dipstick that measures the presence of glucose in the urine. The blood sugar test with the blood sample is more accurate and more conventional.

Does life insurance test for marijuana?

No. When you get your blood taken for the policy, they generally do not test for marijuana. You can also get a simplified issue policy that does no blood test. It will just be more expensive. Traditional life insurance is available with a number of life insurance companies. There is even a company that will offer you non-tobacco rates for occasional marijuana use. When they do test for it, it is picked up in urine sample.

If a person had a car accident and a second person was killed in the accident can the state police take your blood sample from a hospital without your permission?

they sure can they can be used in a court case and insurance companies will also request these samples

What is no exam life insurance?

Most Life Insurance companies require you to have a mini exam as a requirement for coverage. This exam usually comprises of taking your height/weight, blood sample, urine sample and a few background health questions. After the exam is completed, the fluids are sent to a lab and then all information is forwarded to the carrier's underwriting department for consideration. Insurance companies will do this to get an overall picture of how healthy you are and what kind of lifestyle you live. Those who go down this route usually get No Exam Life Insurance due to convenience or because they haven't seen a doctor in a few years. To qualify for No Exam coverage, you generally need to answer 7-10 health questions. A couple good sites to visit are:

What are some scientific methods to solve crimes?

by taking fingerprints or if we have a sample of hair or saliva or blood

Do life insurance companies check for pain meds?

Some do, depending on your age, health history, and the amount of insurance you are looking to purchase. Typically, the less money you are looking to insure yourself for, the less they would look into your history. Also, insurance companies use the Medical Information Bureau, which keeps record of your medical history. This may bring up questions about pain meds, if they are documented on that database. Insurance companies may also request a blood profile and urine sample to test, which could uncover drug abuse.

What tests do insurance companies do for long term healthcare insurance?

Elderly person looking for long term health insurance do they do a blood test looking for THC?

Will cialis show up in blood or a urine test?

i am wondering if cialis will show up in my urine and a blood sample that was drawn for a life insurance policy.

Can medical insurance companies make you take a blood test for health insurance on a group plan?

I hope not, talk about over reach

How is streptobacillary rat-bite fever diagnosed?

Diagnosis can be made by taking a sample of blood or fluid from a painful joint

Do insurance companiesd test for weed?

Yes, most of the time, assuming you are referring to life insurance or health insurance. The companies will usually require a blood and a urine specimen during the application process.

Can gunpowder contaminate a blood sample?

Not sure I understand your question. Anything that gets accidentally added to a sample substance is a contamination. As such, gunpowder can contaminate a blood sample. But it is unusual to handle gun Powder, so how gunpowder would get into a blood sample is beyond me.

How are instrument used to obtain blood sample disposed?

Instruments used to obtain blood sample are disposed by incinerating them

How would someone test their blood type?

First pinch the finger with pricker and take a blood sample. Take the sample and get an acid. Put your blood and look at the sample reaction then look for any difference.

What companies provide free blood glucose monitor equipment and supplies?

Liberty Medical and OneTouch are just a couple of the companies that will provide free blood glucose monitoring supplies. To be eligible though, you must receive medicare or have private insurance that will cover it.

How can a person detect the dna of a dog?

To detect the DNA of a dog, it would require lots of scientific and medical equipment. Taking a blood sample would be a good place to start, but without the correct knowledge of how to use the blood sample, it is likely to be a waste of time and a painful experience for the dog.

What type of drug test does orchard use?

Probably the industry standard that various corporations would use. Would include taking blood sample and an urine sample among other things. Stay clean ... get that job!

How do you know your unhealthy or not?

A simple blood test will do it. Thats what life insurance companies do to determine your life span. They can tell the health of almost every organ in your body with a series of tests on your blood.

What test measure the percentage of packed red blood cells in a whole blood sample?

The Complete Blood Count test measures the percentage of packed red blood cells in a whole blood sample.

What is the best sample for the determination of blood pH and blood gases?

arterial blood

The intercellular material of blood is?

The intercellular material of blood is plasma as well as plasma proteins. In a normal blood sample, plasma represents 55 percent of the sample.

Is there a blood glucose monitoring system that doesn't require to prick anywhere in the body for a blood sample?

No. Because read one's blood glucose level requires analyzing a sample of that blood.

Are blood glucose tests painful?

A blood glucose test will require that you have blood drawn for a blood sample so that your glucose levels can be determined to be normal or not. Getting a blood sample will require that a lab technician perform a phlebotomoy where a small needle is used to pierce the skin and draw a small blood sample from the body.

How is hystoplasmosis diagnosed?

Histoplasmosis is diagnosed by taking blood or sputum samples and checking for the presence of fungus or antigens. Antigens may also be detected in a urine sample.

How are vitamin tests done?

Most of the vitamin tests are conducted by acquiring a sample of blood, and then preparing plasma or serum from the blood sample.