What do lungs mean?

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One of a pair of organs in the chest that supplies the body with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the body.

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Q: What do lungs mean?
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Does Pulmanary mean Lungs?

Pulmonary: of or pertaining to the lungs

What happens if your lungs get inflamed?

my lungs are inflamed and what does it mean about 47

Can lungs blocked?

yes lungs can get blocked by mucus if tha is what you mean :)

Do total have gills or lungs?

Total? do you mean turtle? If so turtle have lungs.

Does fluid on the lungs mean cancer?


What does extensive parenchymal and plueral disease mean?

Tumor is in the lungs and membranes around the lungs.

What happens once blood gets to your lungs?

You die, I mean you're bleeding into your lungs.

What does it mean to have long lungs?

Long lungs is also known as hyperexpanded lungs. When someone has long lungs it means that the person can't breath as much air as others with normal sizes lungs.

What does it mean if you can not breathe deeply?

it means that your lungs are congested and you can not take in air with full efficiency of your lungs.

What is the role of the passageways in the lungs?

If by passageways, you mean the bronchi and bronchioles, they're there as a tunnel to supply oxygen from the outside to the lungs.

What is the brounchi?

I presume you mean Bronchi which are tubes going to the lungs and serve as tubes to carry air in and out of the lungs on breathing

What does laugh mean?

a loud noise that cmes from your lungs

What does screamed her lungs out mean?

It means to scream loud.

What does at the top of your lungs mean?

It means with all of your breath.

Pimples on your back mean your lungs are poor?

Not at all

What does pulmonary mean?

Pulmonary means related to the lungs.

What does gills mean?

gills are like "lungs" to a fish.

What is the process of inhalation into the lungs?

I think you mean Respiration

What does fibrotic densities in the lungs mean?

i think scars..

What does bronchi mean in science?

larger airways in the lungs

What does brachii mean?

its part of your lung ... the tubes that lead into the lungs

What do the lyrics to black lungs mean by despised icon?

its about life

What does no active parenchymal infiltrates mean?

It means that your lungs are Good ..

What system does the diapharm belong to?

I think you mean the diaphragm, and that's part of the respiratory system. It's a muscle below the lungs, and when it tightens, it increases the volume of the cavity the lungs are in, so the lungs increase in volume as well, and air rushes into the lungs.

What are two adjectives used to mean pertaining to the lungs?

Pulmonary is an adjective meaning pertaining to the lungs. Respiratory can also be used, but refers to the system of breathing generally rather than the lungs specifically.