What do metal ores look like?

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What are metal ores where do metal ores come from?


Are metal ores synthetic?

No, metal ores occur naturally in the Earth.

In Antarctica why aren't the metal deposits considered to be ores?

They aren't considered to be ores because ores are partly mineral and partly metal. The metal deposits are purely metal.

Why aren't metal ores useful?

Metal ores are refined into metal. Metal is very useful, hence, metal ore is also useful.

Why are metal ores used?

Metal ores are used as resources from which metals may be extracted.

What are factories that make metal ores called?

Factories do not make metal ore. A refinery or smelter makes metal from metal ores.

Metal ores are what?

Metal ores are rocks which contain useful metals economically convenient to exploit.

Are metal deposits in Antarctica ores?

No metal deposits in Antarctica are not consitered ores because they are not profitable.

Why do you mine metal ores?

because metals are contained in the ores

What is oxide ores?

Those ores which contain metal in the form of oxides are called as oxide ores.

Are vein minerals metal deposits that occur in cracks in rocks?

Yes and No, while some metal ores may indeed be vein minerals, not all vein minerals are metal ores and not all metal ores are vein minerals.

How can you get lead?

By chemical processing of lead ores (or complex metal ores).

What are metal ores used for?


What are metal ores?

Metal ores are rocks with metal in them. The ore can be extracted in a furnace by heating the ore, coke and limestone at a very high temperature. The molten metal is then collected off.

How are metal ores mined?

Mined of metal ores depend on the position of the metal in electrochemical or activity series but metals can be extract through electrolysis and reduction process.

What substances contains metal?


What non metal is used to remove oxygen from metal ores?

Carbon, usually in impure form such as coal or coke, is often used to remove oxygen from metal ores.

What are metal oars?

Metal ores are metallic elements found in compounds with other elements in nature. These ores are then separated to produce pure metals.

What is meant by primary metal?

A primary metal is obtained directly from ores.

What metal is extracted from ore?

all metal extraction is done from ores

What metal is found in cinnabar ores?

gold is usually found in cinnabar ores because it is unreactive

Where are metal ores found?

Beneath the surface

What are metal bearing rocks called?


Where would you find metal ores?

In the ground.

What is the definition of ores?

Ores are aggregates of minerals from which a valuable constituent, especially a metal, can be profitably mined or extracted.