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Bye it from Three Get cause the HTC Wildfire.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-01 17:14:37
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Q: What do people do if wildfire happens again?
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How do you avoid wildfires?

There is nothing you can do to avoid a wildfire. If you live in a area where wildfires have burned the likely chance that you will again be involved in another wildfire is high.

What happens to small plants in a bushfire or wildfire?

Tell your teacher to help you

How many people died in a wildfire?

1.2 billion

How many people died in wildfire?

1.2 billion

Who is at risk during a wildfire?

People are at risk as well as animals

Who does a wildfire affect and why?

who does a wildfire affect and why

What phone you get HTC wildfire s or samsung admire?

I had the same issue. I had to pick between the admire and the wildfire. After a lot of looking and comparing the pros and cons the wildfire won. Although the admire is a good phone the wildfire better suited me. So it depends on how you feel. A lot of people agreed hands down that the wildfire is better. The admire got 2.5 stars and the wildfire got 3.5 stars.

What happens of you take sim out of HTC wildfire?

If you take the sim card out of HTC wildfire you will lose all your information. The sim card is what holds all your phone numbers, services details and messages.

What impact could this wildfire have on humans?

burn properties and kill people

How does the catastrophic event from a wildfire?

Well people leave fires and that's how

What is a wildfire refuge?

A place to go in a wildfire.

Which is better the HTC wildfire s or the HTC desire s?

The HTC Wildfire is rated better than an HTC Desire. This can also depend on who is voting for it, as well. Some people prefer the Wildfire because it is a little bigger.

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