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Well... they say they love you or always talk to you. You usually can tell if someone loves you.


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People say "I love you" for alot of reasons, but the main reason is people really think that. I don't think people should say "i love you" unless their about to get married, married, or have been in a long relationship. Some people say "I Love You" because of pressure. Like if your "lover" says "i love you" it makes you look bad if you dont say it back.

"I love you." People in the Bahamas speak English.

not mamy people say that ... EVER.

Yes she was the force of love but people just say god of love.

HE/ SHE IS MY One and Only Love, but people say it alot more different ways that how they want to.

If you are already a couple, simply say "I love you."

It means that they love you for you and nothing else matters. (You can be yourself and they will always love you.)

That he is the worst player.Most people love him.

aisuru or aishtte iru is love in Japanese for people daisuki is love for things

Younger kids use like. Older people say love.

To say love in French, say "Amour". To say love in Spanish say "Amor".To say love in Dutch, say "Liefde" .To say love in German, say "Liebe" .To say love in Italian, say "Amore".To say love in Greek, say "Aγάπη".To say love in Russian sa, "влюленность".To say love in Korean, say "사랑".To say love in Japanese, say "愛" (ai).To say love in Hebrew, say "Ahavah".

I really think over 2;000 people are in love with Nick Jonas I would have to say ALOT more people than that are in love with him

Okay this is a kind of weird question but people just say this because it is so catchy.And maybe people just want the world in peace love and happiness.

To say goodnight. and say they love the person

You would say "Nanchoo lava song" while you stare in there eyes!!!

I would say Both... Children give you love and they need you to love them back... But first I would say the only way they would love you is if you are a great example to them and if you show that you really love them and they will love back...

Because when they get it they start to love it!

they are small, they cry, & some people love them!

"People say that you can't love without love... I'd say oxygen is much more important!"

Because no one wants to say I love you to a person who doesn't love them back? S'like with moms- You'd probably get in trouble of ignoring them.

People love Chris Brown for different reasons. Some fans (women) say that he is attractive. Some will love him for his appearance, and some love him for his talents and music.

Well people can say I love you. But sometimes they don't :/ Only say love if you really mean it. Love is a precious word. Love means you love them you think their beautiful, You would do anything for them. That's love. Hope this helped Carlo

Depends where you are seeing them say a premiere then maybe say i love your new song/film etc. or love your dress!! You get the picture!

YES she does but people say that i hate them but in there mind they say i love u i dont want to harm u

this was a pretty random question. people who say this are usually in love. when people are in love they want what there partner wants to leave them satisfied.

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