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Most plankton, known as phytoplankton, (but not all) eat in much the same way as do plants - through photosynthesis, the process by which sunlight is converted into food energy.
Planktonic animals mostly eat other plankton, incluing the planktonic plants described above, and smaller animals which are also plankton. The smallest of the plankton can eat bacteria and detritus, but the largest of the plankton are true predators. These kind of plankton are called zooplankton, because they are animals.
Phytoplankton eat small bacteria, which eat decomposing matter. They are in the blue whale's food chain.
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What does plankton eat?

Plankton eats small microscopic organisms. Answer It depends on the type of plankton, like zoo plankton eats phytoplankton because it is smaller. Bacteria

Do plankton eat algae?

Some plankton do eat algae. Phytoplankton are a form of algae, and some zooplankton are consumers of phytoplankton.

Which animals eat plankton?

Answer . Plankton consists of any drifting organisms (animals,plants,archaea or bacteria) that inhabit the pelagic zone of oceans, seas or other bodies of fresh water. They provide a crucial source of food, to more familiar aquatic organisms such as fish.. See related link below...

Do drum fish eat plankton?

Yes, a drum fish eats plankton. Drum fish are very similar to carp. They will eat anything edible, including worms, insects, dead fish, algae, plankton and so on. Because they eat almost anything, they are considered "Trash Fish".

How do whales eat plankton?

Whales that eat plankton have things called baleen plates. They are fleshy plates covered in hairs. the whale approaches the swimming plankton with an open mouth and then closes its mouth. The whale then pushes the water out with its tongue while the baleen traps the krill. The whale then consumes t ( Full Answer )

Which sharks eat plankton?

Answer . the sharks that i know of that eat plankton are Whale sharks, Basking sharks, "mega mouth" (i don't know the technical name) i can't think of any more those are a few

Do sharks eat plankton?

Filter feeding Sharks, like the Basking Shark and the whaleShark eats plankton on purpose. . Other Sharks might get some by accident.

Do turtles eat plant plankton?

While no living species of turtle is known to live on justplankton, there are several species that have been observedskimming accumulations of plankton.

Do seals eat plankton?

There are some seals that eat plankton. They also eat other typesof fish, squid, and different types of crustaceans.

Do Dolphins eat Plankton?

Dolphins will usually eat fish for their diet. They will be ableto do this because they hunt together in packs to catch theirfood. . Dolphins don't eat plankton. They don't have the kind of mouthsthat'd allow them to filter plankton from the water.

How much plankton does an oyster eat?

Oysters feed by filtering water through their body, grabbing theplankton. An oyster can filter up to five liters of water in anhour, and the amount of plankton they consume in this time dependson the amount of plankton per liter, which is a complexmeasurement.

Do jellyfish eat plankton?

Jellyfish can eat anything that can be paralyzed easily, so yes it can. yes jellyfish eat zooplankton.

Does plankton eat grass?

No. . Phytoplankton produce food using photosynthesis, meaning that they use sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water to create food. Zooplankton on the other hand will get energy by consuming phytoplankton or decaying matter.

Do eels eat plankton?

Eels will eat plankton as part of their diet. They will eat mostany meaty food such as glassworms and tubifex worms.

Do ducks eat plankton?

Ducks will eat plankton and algae but prefer other things. Some ofthe things they eat are bread, fish, crayfish and berries.

Do plankton eat sea weed?

Plankton eat a variety of different things. They eat everythingfrom algae to seaweed to bacteria. Then, animals like whales eatthe plankton.

Do squid eat plankton?

Baby squid will feed on plankton until they are large enough tocatch and eat other prey.

Does plankton eat photoplankton?

Plankton is just the classification. Phytoplankton produces its own food through photosynthesis. Some zooplankton eat phytoplankton, but they also consume decay matter.

What does plankton eats?

Plankton - is a term describing the floating organisms in the water. It can be divided further based on size and function to phytoplankton (photoautotrophic protists, primary producers, eat the same substances as plants in terrestrial ecosystems - mineral nutrients, sunlight, atmospheric CO 2 ), zoo ( Full Answer )

How do plankton eat?

The last answer was crap. Plankton use photosynthesis to get the nutrients and carbohydrates they need.

Do salmon eat plankton?

juvenile salmon eat zooplankton and it is also eaten in when they are in freshwater.

Do octopus eat plankton?

No, Octopuses eat small crabs and scallops, plus some snails, fish, turtles, crustaceans (like shrimp ), and other octopuses. They catch prey with their arms, then kill it by biting it with their tough beak, paralyzing the prey with a nerve poison, and softening the flesh. They then suck out the ( Full Answer )

Do eels eat fish or plankton?

depending on the eel, they can eat plankton and small fish. some also eat bloodworms or octopus.

Do plankton eat ocean plants?

No, plankton do not eat ocean plants. Plankton eat phytoplankton, and phytoplankton use photosynthesis to retrieve energy from the sun.

Does a seal eat plankton?

smaller Leopard seals ( Hydrurga leptonyx ) feed upon the abundant amounts of krill in Antarctica

Do tuna eat plant plankton?

Of course they eat plankton if they are in a river that is. Everyriver has plankton and fish the fish will always eat planktonunless they are carnivourous.

What animal eats animal plankton?

whale but if your talking about phytoplankton every creature under the sea eats it! whale but tones eat it even though they dont like it it just to small

Does a bearded seal eat plankton?

A bearded seal's diet consists of other, smaller animals. Theyprimarily eat crustaceans such as shrimp, mollusks such as clams,and certain fish like cod, sculpin, and flatfish.

What eats carnivorous plankton?

Carnivorous plankton are eaten by secondary consumers. Someexamples of these are birds, fish, and squid. Carnivorous planktonare also eaten indirectly by whatever consumers secondaryconsumers.

Do plankton eat fish?

Plankton do not eat fish. This is because plankton are normallyproducers meaning they produce their own food. Normally fish eatplankton.

Do stingrays eat plankton?

Yes, stingrays are known to eat plankton. However, its rare. Theyare more so bottom feeders, therefore, they eat many aquatic plantsand small creatures that lay on the ground.

What eats plankton that humans eat?

Fish and those type of aquatic animals. And jelly fish! probably. Oh i know sea turtles You sometimes can eat sea turtles and snakes.

Why do sharks eat plankton?

that's what they choose if their is no more of what they normally eat. they have to adapt or perish or even change their diet. to explain if their's no more of what they normally eat is that maybe something that happened to the ecosystem and affected the dolphin (for example) Sharks dont eat plank ( Full Answer )

Do zoo plankton eat krill?

YES.... Plankton always eat krill.... This means krill is the lowest living thing in the food chain.. peace out hustlers

Does zooplankton eat plankton?

Zooplankton are often lavae of larger animals, or unicelllar animals or tiny crustaceans and they do eat phytoplankton, marine producers.

What type whales eat plankton?

Baleen Whales eat plankton as they filter it though their baleen. An example of a baleen whale is the HUGE Blue Whale. Toothed Whales don't eat plankton.

What food does a plankton eat?

well plankton eats the energy from the sun and that helps it provide oxygen and this is the process of photosynthesis. so really plankton only eats the suns heat and energy.

Does plankton eat aquatic plants?

No, plankton are microscopic plants and animals. They either maketheir own food from sunlight or eat other microscopic organisms.

Why do orcas eat plankton?

They don't. . Orcas - Killer whales are toothed whales, and don't deliberatelyeat anything as small as plankton.

Do plankton eat squid?

Plankton can not eat squid due to being quite small and being a herbivore. plankton are the prey not the predator.

What type of plankton do whales eat?

Depends on what kind of whale your talkng about. Like the humpback whale eats krill. Right and sei whales eat mainly copepods, particularly "Calanus finmarchicus". Fin whales and harbour porpose eat mainly small herring. I say mainly because there are other plankton in with the small herring and c ( Full Answer )

Do harbor seals eat plankton?

Harbor seals, like all seals, are carnivores. Specifically, they hunt fish for food. Harbor seals are not capable of filtering plankton from seawater, and even if they could it would not provide the nutrients they require.

Do planktons eat zooplanktons?

Not exactly. This is where misuse of terminology can get in the wayof accurate information. "Plankton" are a large group of water organisms that can beorganized into four basic groups: . Phytoplankton . Zooplankton . Bacterioplankton . Mycoplankton Zooplankton eat other plankton. Plankton p ( Full Answer )