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plankton is a plant so it makes its own food through photosynthesis

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Q: What do planktons eat?
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What do plantons eat?

I think plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons

What does a geoduck eat?


What does a cockle eat?


What do zooplanktons eat?

Zoo planktons eat Phytoplanktons

What are some animals that eat plankton?

whales eat planktons

Do planktons eat seaweed?

Only zooplankton eat seaweeds .

What does planktons eat?

They feed off phytoplankton

What do seawater mussels eat?

mollusks planktons

Do planktons eat anything?

yes plants

What do musscles eat?

Small organisms such as planktons.

What are planktons?

tiny/small under sea creatures that eat everything, including other planktons! they usually have one eye

What food does a sponge eat?

bacteria and planktons detriets particles

What is the diet of a giant clam?

Clams eat seaweed and planktons.

What is the diet for a humpback whale?

there diet is to not eat anything

How does a fish digest their prey?

fish eat small planktons called planktons which are really easy to swallow then they finish eating like a human would.

What is planktons favorite food?

they dont eat...theyre bacteria they dont eat...theyre bacteria

What animals do plankton eat?

Planktons don't eat animals. Phytoplanktons undergo photosynthesis, but zooplanton eat other plankton

Are planktons vertebrates or invertebrates?

planktons are inertebrates

How do you win level 2 on planktons fun house?

Eat lots of chicken and pie! :)

How do fish get their nutrients?

Fishes do get nutrients by the food they eat, some of their food includes planktons and algae.

What do cranchiid squid eat?

they eat small planktonsWe do not now what it eats and good bey piece tell us now if you get this message

What group of planktons should contain chloroplast in their cell?

plant planktons

How do porifera feed?

they feed on planktons. The planktons which serve as their food filters the water that enters to a porifera's pores and this microorganisms (planktons) serve as their food.

Are planktons vertebrates?

You said planktons are not vertebrates or invertebrates so how can it be vertebrate if it is niether

What do nile perch eat?

The nile perch mostly eat tiger fish, Awaka, Nagara, insects, crustaceans, mollusks, and planktons when they are on a diet.