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What do plants and green algae have the same types of?


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Plants and green algae both have the same types of organelles. This is because they both are able to create their own food.


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Plants and green algae have the same types of chlorophyll and carotenoids in their cells so scientists think plants and green algae have a common ancestor.

Plants and green algae share similar cellular anatomy. Both organisms have the cell organelles know as chloroplasts which lend to a plants characteristic green color and ability to photosynthesize.

Many scientists believe that ancient green algae evolved into land plants. The chloroplasts present in green algae are the same as those of land plants. In addition, green algae have cell walls of similar composition to land plants; both store food, such as starch, in the same manner. Most green algae live in freshwater habitats with highly variable conditions. The ongoing changes in their environment have made them highly adaptable.what-evidence-has-led-scientists-to-believe-land-plants-evolved-from-green-algae

Green and red algae are in the same eukaryotic supergroup as land plants.

The theory of plants evolution that started from multicellular green algae is supported with evidence. First, the color and shape of small plants is similar with the green algae. Also, reproductive cycle , cell walls, the photosynthetic pigments are the same.

same chlorophyll, both are autotrophic and same cell wall composition.

Same size as of water.

The major difference between plants and algae is that plants have connective tissues for the transportation of water in the entire plant body while every cell of algae absorbs water from the source on its own. There is no connective tissue is algae. Secondly, the reproduction system of plants is more developed while that of algae is primitive. Thirdly, algae can be single-celled while plants are multicellular organisms. Another area of difference between plants and algae is photo respiration. Moreover, it is argued by the scientists that algae and plants may share the same ancestor but algae cannot be classified as plants.

green plants eat lots of different things as all green plants arent the same.

seaweed or they can just be called the same as they are!

The basis for a new plant kingdom is the remarkable morphological and molecular similarities between green algae and traditional plants.-Viridiplantae would include these green photosynthetic plant like protists in the same category as traditional plants.

algae , they are like plants that carry on photosynthesis. the light energy from the sun is captured by algae and they convert it into chemical energy. the same process like plants.

You notice green scum floating on the surface of a pond. How can you tell whether these organisms are plants? Examine the scum. Touch it, what texture does it have? Does it move away from your hand when it touches the water? If it is algae, it should feel slimy and spongy. It shouldn't move away from your hand, instead it should wrap around your fingers and hand. Also, plants chloroplasts are green which can be another indicator that it is a plant. Look at it then try and find pictures of algae that might look the similar. If you find a picture that looks the same and it IS an algae, then the scum is a plant.

It is more that they are considered to share a common ancestor because they have the same photosynthetic pigments.because green algae and plant cells have the same kind of chlorophyll, they have similar wall cells, both make their own food during photosynthesis, both store energy in the form of starch, and both have two stage life cycles.

Yes,because all plants are the same

due to photosynthesis and the chlorophyll in grass. this is the same for other green plants

No, algae is not the same as seaweed.

The green scum is an algae bloom. If you have a lot of direct sunlight in your tank, try to reduce this amount; the same applies for your tank light, you will need to reduce this to cut back on the algae bloom.

The same as other plants through the surface of its foliage. It can do this under water if there is air in it and on the surface.

Cellular respiration in green plants and humans is similar hence both have same process to create ATP.

You know, I was wondering the same thing! Except in my school project, I need to know seaweeds abiotic needs. Any suggestions? 2. Algae were the first plants to use photosynthesis, which has proved to be a hit. The Latin word for seaweed was algae. seaweeds come in red, brown and green. It is thought that the green seaweeds are the origin of all plants. Seaweeds need water and a small amount of nutrients, and sunlight. they are VERY fast growing in the right conditions.

They don't! All plants are different. If you mean why are they all green, then its because in their cells they have something called chlorophyll. This is the green pigment in them to make them look green!

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