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Raccoons and possums are both warm blooded, air breathing mammals. As mammals, they nurture their young on mothers' milk. Also, both being mammals, their limbs are oriented vertically, they have a four-chambered heart and they have a flexible neck with seven cervical vertebrae.

That is where the similarities end.

Raccoons are placental mammals and possums are marsupials. True possums are found in New Guinea, Australia (including Tasmania), Sulawesi (Indonesia) and a few other small islands in the Pacific region. Raccoons are mostly found in North America. Their feeding habits are different: raccoons are scavengers, but true possums are not.

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Q: What do raccoons and possums have in common?
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Are ringtail raccoons related to ringtail possums?

Not at all. Raccoons and possums are from completely different families. Further, possums are marsupials and raccoons are placental mammals.

How are raccoons and possums the same?

Raccoons and opossums are not closely related both are mammals and both are omnivores.

Are raccoons related to possums?

No. Raccoons are placental mammals and possums are marsupials. The two are from completely different families.

Are raccoons and possums part of the rodent family?

No. Raccoons are carnivores and opossums are marsupials.

Are raccoons and possums in the rat family?

No. Possums are marsupials, and not even placental mammals like raccoons and rats.Raccoons are not in the rat family, which is of the order rodentia. Raccoons belong to the family known as carnivora.

Are possums and raccoons enemies?

No, for the simple reason that true possums are native to Australia, and are not the same as the North American opossums. There are no raccoons in Australia, so the two cannot be enemies.

What eats garden snails?

skunks, possums, raccoons, turtles

Are raccoons the same as possums?

No, raccoons are placental mammals and opossums are marsupials.

What animals can transmit rabies?

Skunks, raccoons, bats, possums, dogs, a good majority of mammals

What is the biggest thing a 22 air rifle will kill?

Raccoons and large possums are the largest things.

What is the definition of giraffe?

It is a seven legged purple sluggish kind of animal. Raccoons are its diet, and sometimes possums.

What are the names of some animals that come out at night?

Owls, Mice, Raccoons, and Possums are all nocturnal animals.

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