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Depends on the state. Some states require that the plate be left with the debtor. Others say the plate stays with the vehicle. Some states seize the plates if the insurance was lapsed on the vehicle. Best to call the state atty gen. where you are and ask.

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Q: What do repossession companies do with the license plates on repossessed cars?
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What happens to your license plates after repossession in NY?

what happens to your liscense plates after reposesion in N.Y.

Do you have the right to get your personal belongings out of your car after it has been repossessed and can you take your license tags off in the state of South Carolina?

You are allowed to remove personals that ARE NOT attached to the vehicle. The license plates stay with you, not the vehicle.

What are apportioned license plates?

plates that are apportioned and have a license.

Can the person repossessing your car remove the license plates from it?

I want to say No I havn't ever heard of this being done. Different states have different laws regarding repossession.

Do parking tickets on old license plates follow new license plates?

Tickets don't go against your license plates - they go against your actual license.

How can you find out where your repossessed car is so you can retrieve your license plates?

Contact the dealership where the car was purchased. Their should be someone in the collections department that will know where your car is. It is probably in a tow lot.

What is the MU'UR REPUBLIC and why do they have license plates?

A fictional country. The license plates are not valid.

Who pays fine for expired license plates in Indiana?

The owner of the car must pay for the license plates fines. It is illegal to drive with expired license plates.

Where can license plates be bought from?

In most states, the only way to obtain a legal license plates for your vehicle is through the department of motor vehicles. However, if your searching for novelty license plates as a collectors item, look no further than the websites Larry's License Plates and Plates USA.

What are the fees for the Illinois license plates?

For a car, standard license plates cost $78.

how can i find someone by the license plates number?

how can i find someone by the license plates number

Where are custom license plates sold?

Custom license plates also known as "Vanity plates", can be purcheused online at alot of different webpages. Autoplates, sells both Vanity plates and custom frames for your license plates. Custom licence plates have to be registered at your local DMV.

When was Choose Life license plates created?

Choose Life license plates was created in 1997.

Are vertical license plates on a motorcycle legal in Colorado?

Vertical license plates on a motorcycle are not legal in Colorado.


To drive it you have to have license plates or you could get pulled over or something like that

Which site can I get personalized license plates? has tons of customizable license plates for affordable prices. Making them fully personalized. A great alternative is your government website can prove information on personalized license plates.

How many states require two license plates?

In India 28 states require two license plates

How many Ohio license plates was required in 1949?

Two plates were required for automobiles and for trucks. I have a 49 F 1 Pickup that has the original license plates on it.

When do Ohio license plates expire?

Ohio License plates don't expire, instead it is the registration that expires. You will have to apply a new tag to the plates every year.

Why are number plates called number plates if they have letters in them?

We call them license plates where I live.

Why do some handicap vehicles have special license plates but others have a tag hanging off the mirror?

It depends on the company the handicap vehicles are bought/rented from. Some companies would rather give out special license plates while others have a tag hanging off the mirror.

Do license plates expire on the date on the sticker?

License plates expire on the date that is on the stick that the DMV sends you. It is important to get new license plates before that date, so you do not get pulled over for having expired tags.

What is the law in California regarding purchasing a repossessed car that has no plates and has been driven 4000 miles with no plates?

The law requires odometer statements showing the mileage when YOU buy it to be true,false or maybe.. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR LIQUIDATION: Title, lien satisfied, affidavit of repossession, bill of sale, current registration card and smog certificate. PLATES: Remain with the vehicle. IF you dont get all the right paperwork, DONT BUY IT.

Does your car license plates need to be the same as your drivers license?


How much does it cost for license plates in Illinois?

Regular license plates for a passenger car in Illinois cost $78/year.