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After hatching, they commonly eat their eggshells as a source of nutrients. Once they grow larger they progress to eating small pond and river organisms, and eventually insect larvae (eg. mosquito larvae). Then they grow more and sprout legs, eventually moving onto land and eating small insects.

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What does a Grotto Salamander eat?

All salamanders are carnivorous: larger ones consume earthworms and adults and larvae of many insects; smaller species eat small insects, insect larvae and various small invertebrates. Larvae eat tadpoles, smaller salamander larvae and aquatic invertebrates

What type of insect does a redback salamander eat?

they eat small insects and larvae

What do predaceous diving beetles eat?

Predaceous diving beetles will eat tadpoles, salamander larvae, and other aquatic insects.

What do you have to feed your salamander larvae?

food eg:fruit

Do salamander larvae look like adults?


What animals eat amphibians?

Many reptiles and birds, noteably storks and herons and such. Insects will occasionally have a go at them as well, especially the larvae of dragonflies will hunt tadpoles and salamander larvae.

Do most salamander larvae lose their lungs during metamorphosis?


What do baby salimanders eat?

The Fist week of life baby salamanders Eat their own shell. After the first week The salamander Starts eating small animals like Brine Shrimp and Plankton. The Week following that depending on size the Salamander can start eating mosquito eggs, insect larvae and tadpoles. At the one month mark the Salamander should be fully grown and can begin to eat the same diet as an adult.

What are larval salamanders?

no specific name just species of salamander and add the word larvae.

What does a dragonfly larvae eat?

dragonfly larvae eats mosquito larvae.

What does salamander eat?


Do salamander eat crayfish?

no. a salamander is almost the size of a crayfish.

Will a tiger salamander eat another salamander?

Yes, if it is hungry...:)

Will a bullfrog eat a salamander?

Bullfrogs will eat about anything they can swallow...including each other so yes they will eat a salamander.

Do Salamanders eat Daddy long legs?

Here is a list of some of our most common salamanders and what they eat: Spotted salamander: worms, centipedes, crickets, spiders Redback salamander: small invertebrates (these salamanders will even climb up small shrubs and other plants to search for food) Blue-spotted salamander: earthworms, slugs, isopods (potato bugs, pill bugs) Eastern red-spotted newt: insect larvae, worms, amphibian eggs and larvae, leeches (remember, newts are aquatic salamanders, salamanders that live in the water) But just to be safe, if you are considering feeding the salamander the spider, you should probaly check with an expert.

What do butterfly larvae eat?

Butterfly Larvae are typically called "caterpillars" and they eat foliage.

Are fish eggs eaten by dragon fly larvae?

Fish eggs are not eaten by dragonfly larvae. Dragonfly larvae eat small fish, very small fish and tadpoles. They do not eat fish larvae. A lot of fish eat the larvae out of there own nests.

Can a salamander eat a toad?

Yes. Chinese Giant Salamanders eat toads. The salamander would need to be large enough to eat the toad.

What do damselfly larvae eat?

Damselfly larvae eat worms and small Gambuzia (small fish).

What do ant larvae eat?

Ant larvae look like maggots. They can eat small pieces of insects that are brought to them by worker ants. Others will eat other ant larvae.

Will a salamander eat another salamander?

yes - said ID1106482530 Just C. Urious said- It depends on how big the salamander is. The big ones do and will eat lots of other things.

What do green salamanders eat?

what does a green salamander eat

What type of food do salamander eat?

they eat insects

What does Midge larvae eat?

Midge larvae eat dead organic stuff down at the bottoms of ponds!

Can a frog eat a salamander?

Yes ,but the salamander must be small in order for the frog to disgust it. :)