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What do scientist invent?


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Scientists don't invent, they experiment. Inventors invent. An invention is a thing not made yet. To make most money out of it, you need to invent something nobody has, but everybody needs. The person who invented shoelaces made a lot of money.


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no the greek did not invent it . a greek scientist invented it.

A scientist is the one who is expert in science and who discover or invent something.

A scientist and explorer can DISCOVER but a scientist can DISCOVER and INVENT

Galileo was the first scientist to invent the telescope.....................

she was lyk a scientist

They are always trying very hard to invent new thing. New thing are difficult for scientist to invent.

They got tired of being the computer.

its because the scientist is a scientist so he need to work hard to invent something not only for the world but also for himself.

if i become a scientist i will try to invent new things which are never been invented.

Alessandro Volta was the scientist who invented batteries he was an Italian man.He was born in 1745 and died in 1827.

Mardelev was the scientist who was the first person to discorver or invent the peridoic table!

Alexsander Elizabeth C invented clouds.

developed by a scientist named Charles Elton in 1927

nope but scientist are trying to invent it :)

She invented her own perfume. It is named after her.

Marie Curie did not invent clog dancing she invented radium and atomic physics.

You should be a scientist so you can invent stuff for the better. Also, to cure sicknesses and save other things.

No, Albert Einstein did not invent the aspirin. The inventor of the aspirin was named Felix Hoffmann. Albert Einstein was a famous scientist.

Thomas Alva Edison, in my opinion, invented the Electric Bulb.

i dont know but the person who did invent it did have moves like jagger

To save money despite their harmful effect on our environment.

I would probably invent something to help kids in school, considering most kids have trouble learning or just catching on to the concept.

Aristotle is believe to be the greatest scientist ... but it depend who do you ask. He contribution the development of the science he spent most of his life researching the natural science. He really did not invent any thing just only improve .... so yeah .....

Electricity, like fire, is a natural force and was not "invented".

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