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Sea Lion eat Fish, Squid and Sea Bird.
Sea lions enjoy a varied diet. Their food consists of octopus, squid, herring, salmon, and sardines. They can eat this variety because they have 34 razor sharp teeth that allow them to chew through many things.
Sea Lion eat Fish, Squid and Sea Bird.

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Q: What do sea lions eat?
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Do sea lions eat coral?

No. Sea Lions eat fish.

What kind of food do orcas eat?

they eat sea lions Sea Lions, Meat

Do sea lions eat penguins?

No they do not eat Penguins!yes sea lions eat penguins.

What do sea lions eat when they dive deep into the water?

sea lions eat krill, penguins.

Do sharks eat lions?

Sharks do not eat lions. Lions are land mammals and sharks are ocean creatures. However, if your question refers to sea lions, large shark species do eat sea lions of all sizes.

Are sea lions omnivores?

Sea lions are carnivores and eat numerous kinds of fish.

Do sea lions eat sea urchins?

Sea lions consume roughly 63% of the world's sea urchin population.

Do sea lions eat sea gulls?

sea lions eat sea gulls, manatees, and walruses during the 2 weeks before winter they eat camels, and Bengal leopards.during summer they eat human.JK. but yeah they do eat sea gulls.

Do sea lions eat seaweed?

Yes.Sea Lions do eat seaweed.

Do sea lions eat sea otters?


Are sea lions carnivores?

yes they are and they eat fishSea lions are considered to be carnivores. There is a program you can take to learn more about sea lions.

What do New Zealand sea lions eat?

they eat fish and sea plants

What do sea lions need?

Sea lions need plenty of space, and lot of fish to eat.

What food sea lions eat?

They eat fish.

What do Australian Sea Lions eat?

They eat fish

Do sea lions eat plants?

NO, they eat fish.

Do sea lions eat veggies?


Do killer whales eat sea loins?

Yes orcas eat sea lions

What eat California sea lions?

White sharks hunt and eat sea lions. Orcas also hunt and eat them, but sometimes they are teaching their young, and kill them without eating them.

Are sea lions carnivores omnivores or herbivores?

Sea lions are omnivores but they only eat fish and plants not humans

Do seals and sea lions eat squid?


Do Orcas eat sea lions?

Yes they do!

How do sea lions get there food?

They eat their legs.

What food do sea lions eat?


Do gray wolves eat sea lions?

No they do not.

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