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algae and bacteria

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Q: What do sea sponges eat?
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What eat sea sponges?

Sea sponges do not have many natural predators. The only animal that has been known to feed on sea sponges are sea slugs.

What do Spanish Dancer Fish eat?

They eat sea sponges and are carnivorous.

How often do sea sponges eat?

every week

What does a Sea Star eat?

The one thing that I’m focused on, are sponges. SPONGES. Many people believe that the type of sponges we’re talking about, are the sponges we clean with... well, you’re wrong. The sponges that scientists keep trying to explain to people that live in the ocean, sea sponges. Now I’m worried for sea sponges, because starfish keep eating them. And frankly I feel very bad for their habitats. Because the ocean needs the sponges help. The ocean relies on porifera/sponges to help the ocean, to help it grow, to help it prosper, and to help animals live and eat.

Can humans eat sea sponges?

If you are consuming sponges / non food items it's likely that you suffer from Pica

Are sea sponges decomposers?

No, sea sponges are not decomposers. Sponges are filter feeders.

Why are sea slugs a sea sponge's enemy?

sea slugs are sea sponge's enemy because sea slugs eat sea sponges

What do sea spiders eat?

1 type if sea spider preys on soft sea sponge and sea slugs sea sponges and sea slugsSea spiders ( Pantopoda or pycnogonids) feed on sponges, cnidarians (jelly fish), and bryozoans.

Are sea sponges carnivores?

Well, sea sponges are omnivorous. Although they usually only eat Small fishes and aquatic worms, the do occasionally feed on plants such as seaweed.

Do sea sponges make there own food?

No, sea sponges can not make their own food. They obtain their nutrition from the food particles in the water. Sponges primarily eat bacteria, phytoplankton, and other small food bits out of the water.

What do balloon fish eat?

They eat corals, sponges, sea urchins, other echinoderms, and small crustaceans.

What do green sea urchins eat?

Green Sea Urchins eat plankton, algae, small fish, mussels, sponges, and brittle stars.

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