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Sea Sponges can have various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Usually they have tubes, like coral. In fact, most sea sponges resemble coral to some extent.

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How do sea sponges look like when their born?

Sea sponges aren't born they just grow.

How do sea sponges look like?

They look like a big chunk of a sponge under the ocean and sea.

Is SpongeBob's mom and dad cookies?

No. Sea sponges look different from kitchen cleaning tool sponges. Spongebob looks like a kitchen cleaning tool sponge but his parents look more like sea sponges.

What do sea sponges feel like?

Sea sponges feel wet and squishy kinda like jello.

Do sea squirts camouflage?

Sea squirts camouflage themselves in a number of ways. They look like tadpoles when they are born and later look like sponges to protect themselves.

What kind of a sea creature is SpongeBob SquarePants?

He is a sea sponge. His appearance makes him appear as a kitchen sponge, yet Sea sponges do not look like this.a sponge.

What do sea sponges like to do?

Where square pants

Do sea sponges have teeth?

Sea sponges don't have teeth. When you see them for sale in shops, that's not what they actually look like. For sale, you're buying their skeleton. Sea sponges do have an "excrement" for defense purposes when people come in contact with them. The rash which stings or burns/feels prickly, that can occur when in contact, is a reaction to the histamine found in some meats. Check out the link sea and sky: sponges, Below

Are sea sponges decomposers?

No, sea sponges are not decomposers. Sponges are filter feeders.

What are some examples of sea animals that resemble plants?

sponge sponge sponges look like a plant but are an animal

What do sea turtles hunt?

Sea turtles look for a place like the beach to lay their eggs and they eat squid, jellyfish, sea sponges, muskets shrimp and more.

What do sponges look like?

spongebob is a sponge,look at him

Do sea sponges sleep?

Sea sponges can't sleep because they have to breathe and if sea sponges sleep they can't consentrate on breathing.

Are sponges really sea animals?

yes they are. a sea animal lives in the sea and sponges live in the sea

What are the sea sponges predators?

Sea sponges predators could be sea turtles, crabs, sea slugs, or sea stars. :)

Where are sea sponges found in?

Sea sponges are found in sea . There are 5000 species of sponges . Most of them live in sea. Only 150 species live in fresh water .

What eat sea sponges?

Sea slugs are mostly the only thing that sea sponges eat, known to scientists. Some believe that sponges eat more than just sea slugs. The sea sponge doesnโ€™t have many preditors, sea-wise.

Do sponges live in the ocean?

yes sea sponges.

Are starfish sponges?

no starfish are sea creatures not sponges

About how much do sea sponges weigh?

No one can be for sure.All sea sponges are many different sizes!

Do sea sponges come in different colors?

yes sea sponges do come in different colors!

Is Spongebob Squarepants a sponge or a sea sponge?

EDIT: Ignore the answer below... Sponges are animals, and sea sponges are sponges. Sea Sponges = Sponge. It's like how a Starfish is now a Sea Star (since it's not a fish, so why call it a starfish?), and the same thing for Sea Jellies (why call them Jellyfish if they are not a fish?) the proper name is Sea Sponge, but sponge also works. You can go to Wikipedia and search Porifera if you want to know more about sponges. He is a regular sponge because in one episode he cleans a bathroom

How do sponges nourish?


Do sponges have cells?

If you're talking about kitchen sponges, they do not have cells. However, sea sponges have cells.

How deep would the sea be if there was no sponges in it?

If you were to wring out the sponges before removing them, the sea would be just as deep.