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they don't eat anything

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Do turtles eat seaweed?

they do eat seaweed

Do narwhals eat seaweed?

No they do not eat seaweed!

Can people eat seaweed?

Yes, we can eat seaweed but you can not eat it all of the time. Yes, we can eat seaweed but you can not eat it all of the time.

Do salmon eat seaweed?

no, salmon do not eat seaweed

Do fish eat seaweed?

Yes, fish eat seaweed.

What does Red seaweed eat?

seaweed doesn't eat it is a photosnythesizer.

Does limpets eat seaweed?

Limpets eat microscopic seaweed.

Do seals eat seaweed?

seals eat seaweed and whales eat seals

What seaweed eat?

seaweed is a plant...... so it would "eat" sunlight

What animal eat seaweed?

Most ocean animals eat seaweed

Do sea lions eat seaweed?

Yes.Sea Lions do eat seaweed.

Do the bottle nosed dolphin eat seaweed?

yes they do eat seaweed

Why does seaweed make an impact on dolphins?

Fish eat seaweed. Dolphins eat fish. No seaweed, no fish, no dolphins.

Do guppies eat seaweed?

Yes, guppies do eat seaweed for as far as I know.. :)

Does mackerel eat seaweed?

im not sure but I think it doen't eat seaweed.

Do sea snails eat seaweed?

Some sea snails eat seaweed and some eat moss.

Do ocean fish eat seaweed?

yes fish do eat seaweed what kind of fish eat seeweed?

Do clownfish eat seaweed?

well they can eat it but they will die so no they dont eat seaweed kk bye

Do conch eat seaweed?

no they dont eat seaweed they eat minute particles mostly found in the sand.

Does small bacteria eat seaweed?

Certain small bacteria will in fact eat seaweed. These small bacteria will typically only eat seaweed that is dying or dead.

What else eats seaweed?

People eat seaweed

Do ducks eat seaweed?

Ducks eat fish and seaweed among other things

Do clams eat anything else besides seaweed?

Clams do not eat seaweed. They are filter feeders and they eat plankton.

Do trout eat seaweed?

No, trout do not eat seaweed. Trout eat insects, and adult trout will also eat small fish.

Can a clown fish eat green seaweed?

no but they can eat black seaweed. green seaweed is poisonous to all fish and things that live in the water.